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Does the Vatican City State and Pope still fully recognize Catholic nobility?

Asked by silentwanderer (60points) November 21st, 2011

According to Wikipedia noble titles are still recognized in the Vatican City State. It does not specify if that means they are recognized within the state itself, or by the Holy See i.e. the Pope. Those that seem recognized are The Papal Gentlemen (Gentlemen of His Holiness) as well as the hereditary Prince Assistants to the Papal Throne held presently by Alessandro Torlonia and Marcantonio Colonna, Prince and Duke of Paliano. Does the Vatican City State and Holy See in fact legally recognize Catholic nobility who no longer may be recognized by their state?

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The Papal Gentlemen basically assist the Pope with his vestments, mitres, and other garments. There is a room full of multiple artifacts that they also tend to.

The other titles, while still hereditary, are completely honorary, and typically used during visits from Heads of State. Much of the positions and responsibilites were reformed in 1968–9.

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