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What does a criminal psychologist do?

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) November 22nd, 2011

Does anyone here on Fluther know anything about criminology and psychology? If someone wanted to look at becoming a criminal psychologist as a career, which subjects apart from criminology and psychology would they need to study? Is a combined degree possible? What exactly does a criminal pschologist do?

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They analize you, fix your broken marriage, then steal your car. Oh, hold on, wrong kind of criminal psychologist. Jk

I only know what I have seen in documentaries, so I’m probably not too well informed. As far as I know, they mostly analize the motives and minds of serial killers, so they can teach police better way of catching them. They also talk to prison inmates to try and keep them under control while they are in jail, and try to turn their minds around so they don’t offend again once released. I believe they are also usually present at parole meetings to help decide if you are safe to be released.

Not much info I know, but I hope it helps.

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Criminal psychologists are responsible for ascertaining the abnormal psychology of their clients and testifying in court as to the defendants mental health condition and making recommendations of treatment, incarceration, danger to the public, repeat offenses, etc.

They have been quite wrong before and released sociopathic killers that were deemed safe only to bury their mothers head beneath her bedroom window and stuff her larnyx down the garbage disposal while carrying around severed heads of other victims in the trunk of their car. Read up on Edmund Emil Kemper the coed killer in the 70’s.

Nothings fail safe. lol

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It’s like that guy from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – Special Agent George Huang.
That’s the extent of my knowledge. He’s got a pretty cool job(:

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LOL! Thanks guys :)

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Don’t you watch Criminal Minds?

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If you’re interested there is a really good book called “inside the criminal mind” it will smash anything you think you know about criminals and introduce you to a little bit of how their minds work.

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Find out what the criminal was thinking.

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