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Is Justin Bieber the father?

Asked by ToxicLove (179points) November 23rd, 2011

Is Justin Bieber the father of that Yeater lady’s baby?

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Baby, baby, baby, nooo

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No the woman just wanted money. She admitted it.

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I am going to say yes.
Let us say yes or no, and then count the amount of them when we reached the end of the thread (tomorrow, next week) and see who has won?!

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That would suck if it was true. Yay, I got laid for the first time. Crap, I’m paying for it for the next 21 years.

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Only Maury would know.

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Hell no he’s not. I don’t like the kid at all, but that woman just wanted to extort money from him. I hate people like that.

He needs to teach that bitch a lesson. Bitches love lessons. ~

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Depends. Which baby are you talking about? I can assure you that he is the father of our love child.

Or is he the mother? I can never keep our roles straight. Well, of course not. Because we aren’t straight. Duh!

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Old news – absolutely not, the woman who accused him is a certified nut case. She knows who the father is. Her lawyers dropped her.

He is just a child himself.

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No, though I must say I’m rather disappointed. I was looking forward to an excellent plot twist.

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He is not the son and the holy gespenst either.

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Yes, he’s a man slut…..

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Doubt it.

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