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I want to spray paint my car, myself, what kind of spray do I need?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 30th, 2011

I’m not looking for a super good job. I’m going to paint this bad boy baby blue. What kind of advice you got?

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Be prepared for cops pulling you over to check your VIN number.

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What kind of car? If you want to spray can it right then follow these steps.
1. sand car.
2. primer car.
3. paint car.
4. seal car.

If you are doing it old school hot rod style then just sand and primer the thing.
I did my car with primer red and flat black. I even made scallops in the paint. It can be done, it will still cost you some money though.
Here is what she looks like.
Meet Drifter, the Battle Ax
I might do something more “clean” on her once everything is done but for now, I love her with her almost pink and black design.

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There is no spray paint meant to paint a car.

It’s going to look like a**.

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Here is an article on how to do it.

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Look on this website for products and information. They have some great colors in their aresol if you are doing something artistic.

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Flat black Krylon™

That is how the previous owner did the base color on the hood of my car and it holds up well—except where they tried to paint over the tape.

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@jerv thats what im talking about! going to do some art work on my car. @johnpowell what is the vin number?

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VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Every car built within the last few decades has a 17-digit code that indicates the nation of manufacture, model year, basic vehicle type, and individual serial number that sets a particular car apart from all other ones of that make/model/year. The last six digits of my car’s VIN are different from every other 1985 Corolla Sedan.

Your car’s VIN is on your title, registration, and insurance; your plates are only valid if the VIN on the registration matches the VIN of your car, and your title proves that you own that particular car.

Now, since your vehicle color is also on your registration, and since your plates are cross-referenced, if a cop runs my plates and sees that those plates belong on a blue ‘85 Corolla… well, I am safe since my car is actually blue except for the hood. However, if they ran @judochop‘s plates and found that those plates belong on a blue car, the cops will ask questions, possibly arresting him on suspicion of Grand Theft Auto.

The moral is that if you change the overall body color, be sure to update your registration to match. However, if your car is still mostly the color that you wrote on the registration, you will be fine.

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Ironlak paint is the best to purchase for this sort of thing. Also make sure you buy different tips and a gun for the can.

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