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Could anyone recommend what would be a better choice between Zooom H4N and Blue Iety?

Asked by eco (5points) December 4th, 2011

I need to record movie/commercials voiceovers but I also record on DSLR solo and guitar songs
Does anyone know which one gives better quality while recording solo voice or voice with guitar?
It seems Iety is good but it can’t be mounted on DSLR.

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If you mean the B.L.U.E. Yeti, that is intended for desktop recording (that is, not portable). If your DSLR has good audio already, then perhaps invest in a good shoe-mount and shotgun mic for mounting on top of the camera, like this:$(KGrHqEOKicE31fQ1Fl9BN-2WJ7QQ!~~0_3.JPG

Otherwise the H4N grabs good audio for instruments and voice, but now you’re talking a whole separate system. If you are shooting video and synch audio with two systems (two devices, as in video on the DSLR plus audio only with the. H4N), then you would be creating more work for yourself in the end. But if you don’t need the video from the DSLR, then the H4N actually shoots decent video and really good audio (Xoom are known for their good sounding audio devices). You could also check out Tascam, or even Olympus for a “consumer level” recorder that’s pretty decent.

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Thank you for reply, yes I tried shotgun rode video mic pro before but it doesn’t give as good quality as BLUE Yeti. Its not aproblem to mach video with sound in finalcut. What I wanted to figure out is if I record voice and voice with guitar which mic would give me a better quility recording, BLUE Yeti or Zooom H4N?

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XOOM is a stereo (coincident) mic, which gives amore open, natural sound especially when recording more than one source, while the yeti is mostly for close miking a single source.

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