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Let's write a Fluther epic poem together?

Asked by zensky (13357points) December 4th, 2011

I’ll start.

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It was 67 months, today

Ben and Andrew realised a dream

A place to ask, a room to chat

With a strange kind of aquatic theme.

Dr. J would be the mascot

(This was before there was a meme)

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The idea was simple and it was this
Salt water and lots of jellyfish
With tentacles touching and no questions asked
That couldn’t be answered, a most worthwhile task.
The brine pool was built and the jellies swam in
The young and the old and the fat and the thin

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From pepper and salt,
a pilgrim’s choice,
came questions as pure
as a young child’s voice:
Why not cumin? – it’s delicious!
Write a poem? – that’s amitious!

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Along came the musers with Q&A doozers
Next came the lonely, late night boozers
Calling for a cop complete with his cruiser!
At last the word was out: calling ALL fluthers!
Come one, come all (except fluther abusers)
Come to the collective, we need more users.

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From pancakes to frizzers
We started a trend
Holding in high regard
Andrew and Ben
The mansion, the island, the castle too
With thousands of questions
For jellies to review
We help, we hope, we lurve those in need
Hug are aplenty in this sea indeed.

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An interesting group
I said to myself,
And joined up right then
To learn and to help

We newbies are welcome
And our efforts lauded,
Just swallow your pride
When you first get modded.

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A space now created to post
and share your expertise and view
To boldly state and not defend
Positions not fully thought through
Gain points, called lurve, from others thanks
Or simply mock berate and boo.
But be warned to check your spelling
And use the right to, too or two.

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No straw man can withstand the heat,
No slippery slope can help defeat
The flames that burn from justice spelt
Inside a view of passion felt.

If justice is your well intent,
Be prepared to not repent
When others hear your passioned plea
And make you want to run and flee.

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Oh my she cries,
the fluther crowd
some are soft and some are loud
a savory soup of spice and herb
some are nouns and some are verbs

What a mix, a heated oven
that bakes the savory fluther muffin

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An epic poem
I am to create
What should I say
‘tis a big debate

Fluther is the best
Frizzers galore
Nekked pancake parties
I want me some more!

The ever changing avatars
To the jellyfish theme
This is the place to be
Let’s create a new meme

Here we go
This is what it should be
A giant skateboarding penguin
Just stabbed me in the knee!

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Poems are like people,
They reach out to the hearts of others,
They speak out and spread their stories,
They travel places all over the world,
They inspire others,
They describe ordinary things in new ways,
They contain feelings,
And they are more than words.

(I did originally have another poem here, but I though it was good enough that I didn’t want to post it to the web until I could claim my own personal authorship)

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