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Do you have a word for each letter of the alphabet?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6431points) December 5th, 2011

Do you have 26 words from a-z that state something about your world closely. For example A is for Attitude, I’ve got lots of it; B is for bag lady; I think about them sometimes…..etc.

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A is for animals. I love them a lot.
B is for breezes, which I enjoy.
C is for cats, some of my favorites.
D is for dogs, my absolute favorites.
E is for earnings, which are important.
F is for fruit, which I enjoy.
G is for the name I was born with.
H is for my last name.
I is for ivory, which looks better on the animals.
J is for jazz, a favorite musical form.
K is for kites.
L is for llamas.
M is for my youngest sister whose name begins with that letter.
N is for nachos.
O is for my mother (her first name begins with it).
P is for pork barbecue.
Q is for quartz. I love rocks.
R is for my brother.
S is for seasons.
T is for Tea, which is my drink of choice.
U is for universe.
V is for my sister, whose name starts with that letter.
W is for water, a magical substance.
X is for xylophone (Milt Jackson and the Modern Jazz Quartet)
Y is for yellow, a favorite color.
Z is for zeal. which I admire.

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Yes I do, it’s called spaghetti. Loved that stuff when I was a kid.

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A is for Always
B is for my wife’s name
C is for Cookies
D is for Da Bears
E is for Eskimo
F is for uh.. yeah
G is for God
H is for Haggle
I is for Indigo
J is for Jalepeno
K is for my son’s name
L is for Lima Beans
M is for Movies
N is for my son’s name
O is for Oval
P is for Pomegranite
Q is for Quiet
R is for my son’s name
S is for Self-Actualization
T is for Travel
U is for Uniform
V is for Victory
W is for Wendigo
X is for X-Rays (many of them)
Y is for Yams
Z is for Zebra (because I can’t think of anything else)

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I always tend to go with the phonetic alphabet: *A*lpha, *B*ravo, *C*harlie, *D*elta etc.

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A is for the Apocalypse, because it fascinates me. Most especially the returning idea in most of these scenarios and beliefs which indicate that an end to all is never actually an end, but rather a rebirth or transition to something of a higher state of being/existence.

B is for Battle against Beer, because that’s what’s been happening in my life lately. Beer has some pretty good left hooks, haha.

C is for crap as in, I don’t know what feces are, but they smell like crap!

D is for drawing, because I like doing it. The next time I draw something though, it’s going to symbolize grief and sadness at not drawing much lately. What should I make? A zombie with his eyes stabbed by pencils?

E is for evil, because I’m often fighting it in video games. Except good and evil in games has had its point of separation much faded by more realistic approaches to morality, anti heroes, and hopefully, soon, murder simulation. also Terminus E st, as in this is the e nd.

F is for fuck, just because I had to include at least one swear word in there. Since you know, I’m always cussing.

G is for Gabrielle, because I wish that was my name. Well at least my name starts with a G and ends in ’‘elle’’. G is also for G-r-r-r-reat!! because Frosted Flakes kick all the asses there are to kick.

H is for horror, because horror is my passion.

I is for improvement, because I recognize that I need lots of it. Gotta gain some levels. I wonder what level I’m at. Also, insane in the membrane, because I think that’s funny.

J is for Jaws, Jason Voorhees and James Sunderland, because I don’t think I’m talking about horror enough, yet.

K is for whatever samurai movie starts with K, because samurai movies are awesome.

L is for lone, as in lonewolf, because that’s what I am. Only, not samurai movie lonewolf, that doesn’t exist in real life. I fit into the antisocial loser without any friends category. :D
Disclaimer; I have friends.

M is for midnight, because I love the night.

N is for Norwegian, because I’m currently trying to learn the language.

O is for a buncha emoticons I like using, such as; O_o O_O :O even if the one I use the most is XD…hey look, it’s drooling!

P is for pillows, because I love pillows. They’re soft and comfy, and a source of comfort to me that goes beyond the physical, but is entirely summoned through what pillows feel like. And sound like, when you fluff them around, or make noises into them. I can’t explain it, but it’s not a fetish, shut up.

Q is for quarantine, because that’s a pretty good zombie word.

R is for rootin’ tootin’ can of beans! ’‘shoots it with a magnum’’

S is for Symbeline, because if I’m gonna waste so much time working on an answer, I might as well give Fluther some cred. Street cred. Now that’s badass cred, and you know it.

T is for titmouse, because that’s fuckin funny. I like funny fuckin stuff.

Lol titmouse.

U is for undead, which include ghosts, vampires and zombies, and these are things I like.

V is for Viking. I think both the romanticized stereotypical Viking that people make metal bands about, and the actual Viking that was everything from a raider to a trader to an artist is fascinating.

W is for WHYYYY because I often find myself asking this. Usually, when my army is toppled by someone.

X is for Xena Warrior Princess, because it’s my favourite show ever. It calls out the nerd in me, which makes me feel alive, and she’s an inspiration, even if she’s totally an unrealistic inspiration to have in a world like this one. And that makes Xena even more awesome.

Y is for y incision. Does that count? ’‘whips out scalpel’’ It damn well better.

Z is for zombies, of course.

PS; titmouse, LOL

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@Symbeline What, L is not for Lucy and Lawless? :D

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Yeah it really shoulda been. Hope she doesn’t kick my ass. XD

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A for Art; B for Books; C for Conversations; D for Deafhood; E for my favorite relative’s name; F for my grandma’s name; G for my daughter’s name; H for Heuristic; I for Imagination; J for Jocund ; K for my mom’s name; L for being a Linguaphile; M for Metacognition; N for Nonjudgment; O for Opinions; P for ME!; Q for Quirky; R for Risktaking; S for my son’s name and being Southern Born-Southern Bred; T for Teaching; U for goals going Upward; V for Versatile; W for Writing; X for Xeric Humor; Y for having a Youthful spirit; Z for Zippy.

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