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Which Bollywood movie shot within the last 10 years would you most recommend someone to watch?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) July 2nd, 2009

Movies made by Indians

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When PnL returns from her vacation, or checks in as I’m sure she’ll do, she’ll have the answer to this in a hot second. Stay tuned. :)

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Just watched Black(film) the other day. It was a really well-done film (though slightly draggy at parts). No singing and dancing like what you’d expect from a Bollywood film though, something much more serious than that. Acting’s superb.

Another more fun-filled film is Devdas(2002_film). This one is one of those films filled with song and dance. Except that it’s extremely colourful and well-shot too.

Both films received critical acclaim, so I think that they’re a pretty safe bet.

And I haven’t watched any other films, but hope these help. =)

Note: for the Devdas link, just add the (2002_film) to the url. For some reason fluther hasn’t added that part.

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Argh.. I just realised that the link for Black is also faulty. Just do the same thing in adding the (film) to the end of the url.

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try Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992) ... although it was released more than 10 years back

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Main Hoon Nah

Kul Ho Nah Ho

Salaam Namaste

Veer Zarra

All are sort of sad though.

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Is Mistress of Spices a Bollywood movie? I dunno, but if it is, that’s the only one i’ve watched, and it was watchable.

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