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Would you ever wish you were gay in a perfect world?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) December 7th, 2011

The World is far from perfect, but for the sake of this question try to believe it is. Nationalities, sexual orientations, etc are as diverse as Coke, Pepsi, and RC cola; no one notices or cares to notice the difference in people. In a world such as that, if you were not gay would you wish that you were?

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Yeah, it would seem easier because you don’t have to deal with women (Ooooohhh, snap!).

I’m sorry. :/

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I don’t know about being gay, I’ve never been gay so I can’t really imagine it. I do know that I would love to have a wife.

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In my world I have to try to believe that judgements against people of any form do not occur. I am bisexual and have lived the majority of my life in denial of the fact but have recently come round to the understanding that the world is becoming more accepting and getting more perfect in this sense, hence me coming out.

If people don’t stand for what and who they are attitudes will never change. I don’t think the world is doing too badly on this front and I would imagine that although there are people that struggle to come out as gay, we’re making ground on this topic.

That probably doesn’t answer the question perfectly but the point is, I think if you are not gay, a perfect world wouldn’t make any difference…you still wouldn’t desire to be gay.

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I am straight and I like being straight, I don’t want to be gay because I like men. If I was gay then I would want to be gay – perfect world or not. My choices would be the same. If I am honest, I am a little confused by this question. If someone wants to be gay in a perfect world, surely they would be gay in an imperfect world?

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@Blackberry : Ha ha ha! That would have been my answer, just subsiutute the word “men” for women! And yes I was also thinking “Oh, snap!”

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@bongo If I am honest, I am a little confused by this question. If someone wants to be gay in a perfect world, surely they would be gay in an imperfect world? This question spawned of a conversation, some time back, with a person who was a friend of mine. He has since moved on, and I don’t know if he still thinks the same or not. He accepted he was gay, and that he also suffered from pedophilia, once he got free of prison, not that the pedophilia had any link to being gay, so lets not even go there, he wished he was neither. Back then both carried a stench to it, thought the gay not as much. He could not be him, so he felt, because he was in a world where the sexual orientation and arousals are not accepted. If he was in his view perfect world, he would not struggle or have to hide who he was, and pretend. Since he wasn’t he wished he was straight and loved women then he would not have to fight his urges or hide in himself. If circumstances were reversed and no one cared, would there be any straight people who would opt to try it gay? Myself I could not. If all the women somehow faded away on the planet, I would be the best monk you ever seen, or one with palm burn.

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It’s not a lack of perfection and acceptance or the artificial barriers society draws that keep me from being gay, it’s a lack of interest and desire on my part. I get along better with women, always have. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Of course, to go to an extreme, depending on how one defines a perfect world, “imperfections” such as individuality and preference might no longer exist.

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No, I’m not wired that way.

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I like myself.

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And that is not ever going to change, might I add.

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Nope. Makes it to complicated to have biological children. Also, I like women.

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I wouldn’t wish that I were different from what I am even in an imperfect world.

Coke, Pepsi and RC cola are examples of diversity?

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In a perfect world I would want to be just the way I am – bisexual. If I wasn’t bi, I would probably wish I was.

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Coke, Pepsi and RC cola are examples of diversity? That is the point, they are alike one can hardly tell the difference by taste let alone by sight. OK, by taste you can, Pepsi is nasty. I should have used brands of Vodka.

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Eh, I’ll stick with being bi-ish. I just love the feminine figure too much.

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Why not? I can’t really judge it since I’m already biased in that I like guys. But if prejudice wasn’t an issue at all, I can’t see not wanting to be attracted to women. I wouldn’t have any qualms with it. I don’t care one way or another.

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Nope. I like penises too much. Now if only I could find a big penis attached to an equally big mind and heart…but alas, the uirbo jets in my hot tub will have to do, and they do. lol

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