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Would you please look at this website?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11290points) August 14th, 2008

Take a look at this website it you would:
and give me your thoughts on what this site is about. The link you are clicking on takes you to a site dedicated to showing the general public that gay, lesbian and transgender people are just like anyone else. It’s a site to help build tolerance and acceptance for all in the community.

I am not the “Susan” who tells her story on the site.

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It brings up a web hosting test page.

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Sorry…it’s supposed to be .org

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I’m not fully understanding what kind of feedback you’re looking for.. would you clarify, please? :) Are you a founder of the website, looking to improve it, or just trying to get other people’s opinions?

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Right on! What a great idea!!! Good for you!!!!

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I don’t really understand what it’s trying to do.

Okay, well it’s trying to show people that the LGBT people that they know are like every other family, but I don’t understand how the site is supposed to reach a non-LGBT audience.

I guess, if my neighbor found out I was gay, and some how found this site to look for things to talk to me about and ways to use more LGBT sensitive language, I would think that that was really touching.

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I think it is a cool site, a cool concept and idea.

and Ray lives in my city. I would be happy to meet him.

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That is SO crazy.

If a gay couple adopts a child, and one parents dies, the child has to go into foster care? That makes NO sense. Why the hell could the child not just stay with the living parent?

Seriously, why is that the case?

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I think when it comes to the well fare of children, the courts are seriously eff’d up. in those ways and in the ways of divorce. I have seen both instances go so terribly wrong.

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I have nothing to do with this website. The Milwaukee area is a very gay/lesbian friendly area and one group has decided to tackle the hard issue of straight people and gay people learning to live together. Many times gay couples have problems assimilating into regular society as openly gay people. The trend in the past has been to either shut-up or to live in predominately gay areas. This group is trying to show that living next door to a gay couple is no different then living next door to any other couple.

Thanks for your comments.

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