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How do you get yourself busy and occupied ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 8th, 2011

What do you do in your spare time to keep yourself busy? Do you allow yourself to be bored? Do you do things that are productive or use “free” days to relax and lounge around?

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I goof off here and on Facebook, or play games on Pogo, or crochet, or read. =0)

If I actually want to be productive, which is such a dirty word, I do the dishes and the laundry.

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I am usually always busy, so any spare moment I have I either find some obscure assignment for school due in two weeks to start or I relax.

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I collect presents from really special jellies.

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I like to relax in my down time. I read a lot. I watch movies. I go on trips with my husband.

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I’m almost 52 now, I have learned to let myself have all the free time I want with no guilt or “shoulds.” As it “should” be. lol

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I wouldn’t say that being on the net is too productive, but it sure does keep me busy. ^_^

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I carry a sketchbook/notebook with me and a book to read- whenever there’s some extra time, I read, write or draw. There aren’t as many spare moments as I’d like, but I’m never ever bored.

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Creative hobbies like drawing and making jewelry. And surfing the internet and playing video games when I’m feeling particularly braindead.

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I’ve always got something to clean or some nummy to cook/bake, but, I also like a day now and then to catch up on movies or books or sleep.

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I like asking questions, answering questions, and spending time chatting with my family and/or my friends. I also like changing it up a bit at times (watching a movie, cooking, going to a restaurant, going to a park, taking walks, getting pictures taken, going to a mall or a store, going to a library, reading a book, visiting places I don’t remember ever visiting before, etc).

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If and when I am bored I will debate online. It is stimulating and makes me think out of the box. I also love photography and will occupy myself with taking photos and photo editing for hours.

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