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What's up with the "Leggings as Pants" controversies?

Asked by dabbler (18535points) December 8th, 2011

Haven’t women been wearing leggings for years?

Just recently I see articles like Pippa Middleton Should NOT Wear Leggings
And Dear JLo: Please put your pants back on

What’s up? Have the media just run out of things to distress about?

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It has always been ugly in my opinion – the sooner women realize this the better. There are too few women who can pull this off to make it fashionable. Bathrobes are comfortable too – would you want to see guys walking around wearing them?

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Leggings are a menace! The should only be worn under skirts, and skirts only!!!

Don’teven get me started with jeggings! UGGH! Just atrocious.

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I say let’s all wear jean pajamas.


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I asked a question related to this a few weeks ago. I asked what the latest erogenous zone to be exposed is. Well, it’s the legs.

Remember when no one covered their stomachs a few years ago? At other times in history it’s been breasts. But right now, it’s legs and ass. And thus, in the winter, that means leggings with nothing else.

I work on a college campus, and that’s all we see here. I’d say that’s what 40% of the girls are wearing. And it works. Today, I was speculating about cameltoes. I was thinking of asking a question about it. Will that be the next big public erogenous zone? Will girls be pulling their leggings up as tight as possible?

I figure that young women are the ones who have the most to advertise. They are on the market, so to speak. It’s the way they gain status. I mean, sex sells, and it sells girls as much as it sells anything else. So girls want to advertise their availability and sexual attractiveness.

Not all girls, of course, but enough. They say that women dress for themselves, and then for other women, and then, maybe, for boys. Advertising for boys, ,though, is usually a young woman’s game, and I think most women think that after a certain age, that’s all over. Even if you are 42 and newly single and you want to show off just how hot you are. JLo wants to show she’s as hot as a girl. She can get away with leggings and showing her ass and maybe even what’s between her legs, if the leggings are tight enough. She wants the boys to lust after her. Maybe she even has a boy toy. That’s popular with the rich cougars, these days. Be like men. Treat boys as things.

I don’t mind. I like to look at the butts of passing girls in leggings. I like their legs. I like fantasizing about doing them. It all stays in my head and I never do anything rude or uncivilized. I’m just enjoying being a dirty old man. Even if it is only in my head.

I don’t know what the girls are thinking. They have to be aware that they are really showing off their ass-ets. They must want the attention, especially if it demands nothing of them. They must want to know they’ve got it.

And in this day and age—the age of porn—I don’t think they even think much about what they wear. It’s not saying they are sluts as it would have a decade or two ago. It’s no longer shocking. It’s a way of being naked without being naked. And they can also be like the college girls going wild on campus, and dream of becoming porn stars… or not. They can be attractive, if they want. Or they can just feel good about themselves—that they have nice tight, hot bods.

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I assumed it was just women that were jealous of others’ looks lol. Leggings look great because they’re tight and show the figure off.

@zensky Lol…..1% of the women have 50% of the jean pajamas.

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That look is pretty heinous. Leggings are like stockings. They’re not pants.

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When did they stop calling them tights? I think they maybe are cute on my seven year old niece, but that’s about it. With a skirt. And I am keeping her far away from Daloon.

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No, women haven’t been wearing them for years. They did, like this, in the 80s, but then the 80s ended, as did the fashion. Some women kept wearing them, but under skirts and dresses, not just as bottoms alone. It is actually new. And, puzzling, because what’s up with these fads that only look good on a small percentage of the skinny lady population when people keep getting bigger and bigger? You’d think that we’d go for something more like “knee-length coats” or “vertical stripes”.

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I don’t know who is telling J Lo to put her pants back on but I am pretty sure they should STFU.

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If it’s been around since the eighties, and some women are still wearing them, according to you, isn’t that the Definition of been around for years. Or are you trolling me. @aelfled?

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@zensky Lol ok, but no. “Was around, but then left, and has since come back in the past 2 years” is not “has been around for years”.

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Half of the fitted trousers they sell are just as tight as leggings, so I don’t see the big deal. The problem is that the media never run out of things to distress about. She’s wearing something she likes and feels comfortable in??? We can’t have that!!

Also leggings aren’t tights (as some people insist?)...tights are usually very thin and tend to be at least slightly translucent. Leggings are thicker and opaque.

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Sweet holy moly, I think it is ludicrous to fret over leggings as paints. I say the bigger fraud and ridiculous is wearing them under short shorts, or a mini. If you don’t have the gams to pull it off, get some baggy yoga pants, or just stick to sweat pants. I think those fretting over leggings as paints are the ones who could not pull it off, and they are afraid to get shown up. If a woman had so much cottage cheese it is like a badly stuffed sausage sleeve then she should wear those pajama paints.

Leggings as pants are not nearly as crazy as women who wear a bra when then they have so little hanging, you could not keep the sun off a gnat if it stood under them

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Damn, I love my leggings. If I’m staring into my closet and decide I want to have a good butt day, I pull one of those bad boys out. There are certain rules some girls ignore which is why people get pissy with leggings. Like when they’re too sheer, or when you’re a bit too big and stretch them to the point of being sheer, or when you can see every bump and dimple of cellulite. That’s when you should cover up a bit more.

I have a pair of white leopard tights I haven’t been brave enough to wear yet. Maybe someday. When I’m invited to a party in Jersey.

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@redfeather Will a party in Philly do?

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@wundayatta I suppose it will have to. Those leopards are trying to escape.

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What the hell does this mean; If a woman had so much cottage cheese it is like a badly stuffed sausage sleeve then she should wear those pajama paints.

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^^ ^^
Elementary my dear Watson Zenson, it means every dimple of cellulite is accentuated. It looks like a sausage sleeve stuffed on Hells Kitchen where it is uneven, unsightly, bulgy, and unattractive. Something what would make Gordon Ramsay scream, “Get out of here you rumpled donkey!” Do you get the visual now?.

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That’s so many levels of wrong, starting with the typo pajama paints, through reminding women that they look like cottage cheese and that is somehow looking like sausage – and then there’s Gordon Ramsay in there and a rumpled donkey wtf? Now I understand less, but I did throw up a little in my mouth.

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I’d like Pippa and JLO to take their leggings off.

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I think the theme goes way back before the 80’s… how about capri pants ? They were about as daring as they could get with the pre-lycra fabrics available at the time.

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I just got back from a first date. I wore jeggings. AND I GOT MULTIPLE KISSES. so there to all you legging nay-sayers.

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@redfeather Wow. Just… no, they probably kissed you because you have such a great personality. And, congrats!!

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I think you need a comparison test. How about we go out on a date and you don’t wear leggings and see whether you get multiple kisses or not? Hmmmm?

Ok. I know. The creep factor is a tad on the high side. Ok then. I’m going back to my man cave now. No harm, no foul. Bye then.

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How about I just wear jeans and I’ll let you know how my date with him tonight goes? :)

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Note to self, jeggings attract compulsive liars. I’m burning them.

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