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Besides your place, where else are you at home?

Asked by zensky (13357points) December 10th, 2011

Your parents? A motel?

For me, I am not at home when I am home. Just saying.

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Yes, visiting my parents.

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I have the house I have lived in for 24 years. It has never felt like home.
There is the house I bought a few years ago, that I hope to retire to. It feels like home, but I have never lived there, othere than a weekend visit every month.
Then there is my Mom’s house, which we sold after she died. When I dream of being home, that’s where I am. Of course, I can’t go there anymore.

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I am at home in the woods and on a beach.

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@filmfann – Aww, that’s sad. I also dream sometimes that I’m back in the house I grew up in, and in my dream I’m terrified that the new owner is going to discover me sleeping in my old bedroom (my parents sold that house a number of years ago).

I hope that when I retire, it’ll be where I’m living now.

Why aren’t you living in the house you bought? Too far from your job to live there and commute? If you’re not living in it, maybe you should rent it out and make it pay for itself…

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Anywhere in a small town my families are from.

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The small ranch I live in now that backs onto Fillmore Glen State Park is where I’m really comfortable and feel at home. If I’m not feeling up to par, I look out onto hills and fields, birds and sometimes deer, and I feel at peace with the world. I never felt like that before in any place I have lived.

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Yea, my parents’ house. The school I was working at for a while.

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My husband and two buddies bought a house to stay in when they go hunting. We go there (as does one of the guys and his family) in the spring, summer and early fall to go hiking and just hang out. It has always been like being at home for me though I have no idea why.

Also making the list, the house I grew up in, though not the one my parents moved to much later. The dorm I lived in for four years of college and my best friend’s parents’ house also feel like home.

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I am at home in DC, at the college I attended. I went to visit last spring just when the cherry blossoms were coming out and drove into DC on Rock Creek Parkway— the most majestic moment is when you drive on one certain curve and all the trees give away to a view of the Monument area surrounded by cherry blossoms across a river. It took my breath away and I got all-all-all excited about being home. I feel extremely safe, happy and alive in DC- totally illogical I know!

The second place would be on Lookout Mountain in Alabama. I have the same safe, happy and alive feeling when I’m there.

I lived in 25 places by the time I was 25, lived in 7 states and have moved 8 times in the past 12 years. I have liked places, or things about different places but nothing like DC or NE Alabama.

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Everywhere. Sorry. But it’s true.

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One of my classes at school. Over the past few months we’ve all grown so close and shared so much. It’s like a sanctuary, where you know no one will ever do anything mean or distrustful. Everyone there is so caring and we’re kind of like a family.

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There is nothing like quiet time at home so I would say the only comparable thing would be just hiking along the mountain behind my house or fishing along a creek.

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Sometimes my Significant Other’s house feels more like home than my home.

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Yeah, nowhere really. And I’m not even at home at home, unless I’m in my room. Well the living room is really awesome, too. I have to give that comfy bugger a lot of credit.

But seriously, I’m like a bat in a cave, or a mole in a hole. Not a fan of everywhere else. Even if some everywhere elses can be cool, it still ain’t home.

Although I could settle for a dark alley, a graveyard or ancient Greece.

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I understand exactly what you mean @filmfann. This is the fifth house I have lived in as an adult and the only one that has actually felt like my ‘home’.

I can’t think of anywhere I feel more happy and content. I have nested here.

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My work place, I have worked there for 6 years and we are really like a family. Of course there are internal politics like any workplace, it’s not always perfect but I do feel like I belong there, at least for the time being.

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Wherever my Mom was when she was alive.
When I visited my Dad I always felt like I was in a hotel. His wife even kept hotel-sized soaps and shampoos in the guest bathroom. DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!

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At my favorite bookstore.—And at the place where I usually hide when the city gets too crazy.—

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Anywhere I lay my hat…

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@zensky You’re back! Yea!

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Thanks babes. Now show me some boobs.

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@zensky Stick around! You never know!

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@zensky Is this what you have in mind?

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@zensky You wanna see boobs?!
Seriously, don’t be clicking on that link. Welcome back, man. :)

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I feel very at home at a really good friend’s place. Her family really seems to like having me around and I feel very welcomed when I am visiting! That’s not the only other place, but that is one of the places I love being the most these days. :)

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