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How many different people will you be buying presents for this holiday season?

Asked by harple (10441points) December 13th, 2011

I did a calculation, and realised that there will be 27 of us at our family get together this year, and when I add in friends I wish to give gifts to too, I am getting presents for a good 40 different people! (Ouch!)

How about you?

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I give money for college funds to my three little grand-nephews. The rest of us are too old, need nothing, want nothing and are happy eating our vegetarian lasagna together sometime in late December.

OTOH, I expect huge satchels of laundered cash for my birthday, on Dec. 31 (Mark that on your calendar, folks.)

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technically 4 but only 3 as my younger sister is in travelling around Asia til Easter so I will give her her present then. But I have a small family (dad, mum and older sister) and all my friends are students so we don’t do presents.

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Very few, actually. I make a bunch of fruitcakes to give to people, along with little packets of coffee, but I pretty much only buy for my daughter, my mother, and the odd consumable or two (smelly soaps and the like) for a very few friends. We all have too much stuff, we’re glad not to add to it.

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For the first time in many, many years, just one. Just Jake.

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Our gift list contains an even dozen, including one birthday. We are gifting money to all. I only gift sons and their spouses, and grandchildren.

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Now let me see, there’s the kids & my mommy. Then there’s various family members & friends &......&....I have the strangest feeling i’ve forgotten someone.
Now who could that be I wonder, hmmm…......oh dear baby jesus in heaven, IT’S THE WIFE!!

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Only 4, which is a great improvement from the years it was closer to 14–17. Getting a divorce has saved me a lot of money the last 8 years.

Oh, and the 4 pets…they all get something, toys, treats! :-)

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I hope there is a satchel left for you as I beat you by 5 days. My B-day is the 26th. lol
Yay Capricorns!

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Not too many this year. I will buy for my husband and my three children. I also bought a couple of presents (not expensive) for people I work with who have made my life easier this year. I bought something for groups who help me in my work too. I work for a large organisation and there are some teams I work with a lot. I wanted to say thank you for their help this year. I will buy a present for an unknown child and put it under the wishing tree and donate money to a couple of Australian charities. That’s it. All up 10 (including multiples) plus giving to a couple of charities.

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His kids mainly, a little something for my mom, my sister, each other and his parents. For us, the big gift and celebration is when we take the parents to dinner on New Year’s Eve.

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Oh sheesh… including my kids, immediate family, extended family, and a few friends, lemme think…

37 people.

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I think about 20.
That’s immediate family for both my side and my husband’s side, extended family on both sides, and some friends.
I also just sent out 75 Christmas cards.

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Just my three children. We rarely have that much money to spend during the holidays so my husband and I haven’t gotten each other presents the past several years. My husband surprised me last night and told me to go ahead and order a Denver Broncos sweatshirt I had been wishing for. Now he’s going to get something for himself.

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Zero. I don’t recognize holidays. And over the years I’ve developed a fool-proof method for discouraging people from telling me to have a “merry christmas.” When they order me to have a “merry christmas” the first time, I make eye contact and, very slowly, deliberately, and calmly, tell them: “Fuck. Off.”

There’s never a second time.

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Just 4 people in my family.

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I’m only planning to gift my immediate family. That’s three people.

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I will be making about 12 gifts this year. This will require me to print some stuff but I try not to spend so much.

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About 8–10 including my wife and daughter.

@SmashTheState: So you’re saying, minus the beard, you and Santa have nothing in common?

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Let’s see…my husband, our three kids, my mom, my dad and his wife, my husband’s mom and dad, my brother, my grandma, my husband’s sister and HER husband, a great aunt and her son (gift basket), an aunt and uncle and their two daughters (another gift basket), my kids’ four young cousins, and three or four important business contacts.

I’m also making candy with my kids that they’ll give to their bus drivers and teachers. And maybe our neighbor that I really don’t like but feel obligated to be nice to, especially since her husband died (although he was an ass too).

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About 7 I think.

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