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Is my heart two sizes too small?

Asked by Blueroses (18234points) December 13th, 2011

I have zero connection to Christmas.
I am not a Christian, so no spiritual link.
I don’t understand fellowship toward fellow man and charity only being applicable for a few days in December.
I hate shopping at the best of times and I really hate being shouted at. Do I have to prove my love by giving things? And if I do, why only in December?

Is my heart full of unwashed socks and my soul is full of gunk?

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I am not sure yet. Tell me this:

Did you clap for Tinkerbell?

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No, you don’t have to only give in December. I give year round. If you don’t want to give, then don’t.

Fellowship and love is what you make of it.

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The Grinch’s affliction was with him all year; it just became most obvious around Christmas. Similarly, your charity is with you all year. If someone cannot bring themselves to be generous at least once a year, his heart may be two sizes too small. The same cannot be said, however, of one who prefers to be generous all year.

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My heart is full of puppies. ouch Rumor has it around the Tide Pool that yours has some immature canines in there, too. Just sayin’.

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Christmas is aimed at those who do not do so much and can be guilt-tripped into doing a little extra for Christmas. It is also conveniently timed so that people can be urged to give more because it is the last chance they have to maximize their charitable contribution deduction for the year.

You are one of those truly wonderful people who gives to charity and does for others all year around. For you, Christmas is both gratuitous and annoying. You believe in good will all the time, 24/7. Most of the rest of us need to be prodded a little to get off our duffs and do a little something extra.

So, yeah. It’s the depressing time of year. It’s cold. The economy isn’t doing so well. Let’s goose things a bit. Have a party. Let people hang out with each other. Spend a little. Do good things for others. All these things are good for depression. You could see them as an anti-SAD (seasonal affective disorder) plan. Not to mention that by spending a little money the right way, you can keep a little more out of Uncle Sam’s hands.

It’s win, win, win all around. In fact, even though you are such a paragon, you might also benefit from a little Christmas cheer. Just to keep the blues at bay.

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Are you close to your family? That makes all the difference, for me.

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You state you’re not Christian. Maybe you feel left out, on the outside looking in, and saying” pooh I don’t need you” is your way of coping at not being part of the scene. Being a minority can be tough but just think that people are enjoying, they’re giving, they’re caring, and that’s a nice part of the holidays. You can join in or not without being religious. Just don’t feel sad, or guilty if you don’t join in. You’re entitled to be you and do your thing. Giving year round and doing for others is a wonderful way to be. I have members of my family that refuse to participate in the holidays and I’m starting to accept and realize that it’s AOK.

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I don’t think your heart is too small and you definitely shouldn’t have to prove your love by buying things. If anyone makes you feel like you have to buy them something to prove your love, that is a huge red flag in my opinion. I do what I can to help people all year round, not just this time of year. I think it’s great that more people do seem to give this time of year, but I wish they’d continue it during the rest of the year as well sometimes.

Whatever your feelings are this time of year, I think it’s best that you can be genuine with them and not try to put on a front and be someone you aren’t.

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I myself don’t understand why we need some special day for love and peace, because every day should be for that. I don’t think there’s any problem with your heart, since you seem to see beyond the superficiality that is Christmas. Just my personal opinion and experience, but I feel much the same as you.
And yes; fuck shopping.

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Well, how do you look in a bikini? Maybe the top is just too tight…

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As within, so without.
Maybe you need to find a little self charity.

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@CWOTUS She looks great in a bikini.

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If you watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” and don’t squeeze out a tear, I say we test you with the Voight-Kampff.

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Aww, Blue… I don’t know many people more upbeat and friendly than you!!! And in August too!!! Nope… you got a heart 3 sizes bigger’n others.

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^ agrees with THAT

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Your heart is plenty big enough. You just aren’t into Christmas. Nothing wrong with that. I know plenty of people who are just not into the whole Christmas thing.

Personally though, I have always loved Christmas and having children I think has increased that love. I also don’t think charity should be limited to the time around Christmas but it is a time when I am reminded to think about what else I can do for others. Even if people should consider this throughout the year, if the celebrations around this time inspire others to give a little more to those who have less, it can only be good.

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@Bellatrix : Very well said.

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