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Tried my best, with mixed results.

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Misunderstood by many, loved by few.

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I didn’t write these myself (did translate them, though ;-)), but the Dutch “NightWriters” coined a few six-word stories (not exactly memoirs) inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

“This is our secret”, father said.

Growing fucking birth-giving raising resting dieing

The rest was just a life.

Honey, it is not your fault.

Six words were enough for him.

“Yeah,” she said, “yeah, yeah, yeeeeeeaaah!”

That is not your father, Adolf.

She said no. I heard yes.

Look, an airplane! Oh my God.

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I was lost, but now found.

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← The Bitch who stole Christmas

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Every day is a potential adventure

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LIve, love, laugh, smile, and hug.

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Tried to flee, learned to stay.

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Often loved too many too much.

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i came, i saw, the end

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Pretty awesome from time to time.

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Ran with scissors, cut nothing out.

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Less is more…but not always.

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Why are you licking my cat?

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Still waiting for conditions to improve.

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i thought she was already 17

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Great worker, wonderful freind, outstanding lover

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Sorry you had to see that.

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Question: What am I doing here?

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Loved and lost, twice, oh well.

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…one more fry won’t kill me.

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I’d rather be spooning or fondue-ing.

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Legacy left of love and lurve.

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Money is great, friends are better.

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That was quick.

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Enjoyed today while waiting on someday.

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Why not? You only live once!

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Ugly duck is all grown up… ;)

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If the glove doesnt fit, you must acquit

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Good one, but that’s 8 words, ha ha!

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May the force be with you

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ok, so I’m giving you 7 words, but here goes, credit Ben & Jerry :

“If it’s not fun, why do it?”

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@mcbealer – Wasn’t that a quote from Jerry Garcia, not Ben and Jerry?

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Learned to express himself. A lot.

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@mcbealer – My bad.

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@ brownlemur ~ no worries

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@brownlemur Maybe you were thinking cherry Garcia? Just kidding, ha ha!

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I gave it all I had.

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still my best wasn’t good enough

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It all ends the same way.

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game over, please insert coin

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Good intentions are not always enough

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Please close the door behind you!

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Always under-promise and over-deliver

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The check is in the mail…..

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Eat freely and laugh more often

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Overcoming with God, humor and chocolate.

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