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How would you politely respond to the following Rick Perry statement?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) December 15th, 2011

Here’s the quote: “There’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.”

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What a crock of shit.

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1. They are unrelated.
2. Quit sending the kids to Hebrew School for Christmas. They can celebrate Christmas and pray to themselves in public schools.

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I think Stephen Colbert covered it best:

“Governor Perry is right. Thanks to the gays, our children can’t openly celebrate the birth of our savior in school, and yet these gays in the military can openly celebrate their favorite holiday: being away from their family, risking their lives in Afghanistan. I for one am offended. I’m offended by those who would condemn the Christmas lifestyle… They don’t understand that unlike being gay, loving Christmas is not a choice.”

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Yo! Perry! I think you need to get your education all over again. Starting at Kindergarten. You clearly weren’t paying attention the first time around. And this time—when they talk about science, put down the damn cards and pay attention!

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I am incapable of a polite reply to such an asinine statement. What I said when I posted the video on Facebook was something like: Seriously? WTF, Rick Perry. WTF.

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Hey, Rick Perry, nice Brokeback Mountain jacket. Douchebag.

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There are some great parodies of it on You Tube; one from a rabbi. Worth a look.

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Oh, America…....Silly Perry, ignorance is for kids.

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That’s funny, because it seems that he has it backward on both counts:

There’s something right about our country when gays can finally serve openly in the military and children aren’t forced to celebrate a deity that they may not believe in. And yet… gays aren’t forced to serve in the military, and contrary to the Governor’s assertion children are not “prohibited” from celebrating Christmas openly. They simply do that without a government imprimatur… which is exactly what this country is about.

Fortunately I don’t often listen to such drivel.

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Just one response seems appropriate here.
How very dare you!
The End

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Rick.. dude.. you’re nuts.
Maybe not polite lol.

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I would point out that it seems a bit rich that he would go on a tirade against gays and non-Christians while setting said tirade to music composed by a gay Jew who had communist sympathies.

And then I would point him in the direction of Ricky Perry’s Unpopular Opinions, the new most awesome thing on the internet.

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I would check his background and his children’s schools, to see if in fact, they are not allowed to celebrate Christmas. I would start there for argument.
I would then ask him why he choose music for his ad from a gay composer. When he replied with a “I did not know he was gay.” I would say well, until you opened your mouth, I had no idea you were a complete, idiot, douchebag.

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Uh, how did you get in my house and would you please put your pants back on?

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I’d assure him that he needn’t worry about being ass raped by gay soldiers since his anus is too small to accomodate both his head and an erect penis.

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Does bludgeoning someone count as polite?

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“Well Rick, Kids CAN pray in school. Teachers just can’t put prayer into the program. ”
I saw a bumper sticker that said, “As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in school. ”
“And Mr Perry, I would rather have a gay soldier protecting me than someone like you. ”

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I think it has now all been said. Well, almost. It just goes to prove that you don’t need to be smart to fall into the pool of political idiots. You really have to try to be the primordial ooze that lives at the bottom, though. It’s time for Perry to catch up with the rest of the human race. Is that asking too much?

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@annewilliams5 For some, it is asking too much. That could be seen as offensive…...

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Oh. Um. That’s an interesting point of view. Would you excuse me, I’m meeting someone else tonight…

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@Blackberry I have met some of the idiots I speak of, and it was very offensive. Thank you for asking…

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The most polite reply I can make regarding this?

“Hey, Rick! Blow me!”

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I don’t know, Christian prayer back in a few of the public schools I went too could easily get one suspended if not expelled for “forcing one’s religion upon another” even if it were silent and NOT an attempt to force someone to convert. Only football teams were excluded from this. I was amused at the sight of a teacher yelling at some students to stop praying to which they responded that they were playing craps to which they were let off. Prayer isn’t allowed in school but gambling is?

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@King_Pariah I suspect that if that story were publicized, the school would be in trouble.

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@filmfann I like that… it’s classy :)

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I don’t want to repeat other’s answers so I would just respond to Perry by telling him to try another hand since the moral values card won’t save his campaign.

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I am able to openly pray in school. Actually, it’s encouraged. I just don’t because I don’t have a religion. They give us a moment of silence right before the Pledge of Allegiance. That is a time to pray. We are also given sufficient time to pray at lunch. We do openly celebrate Christmas. The Elementary building has Christmas parties every year.
Just so you know, EVERYONE can be in the military if over the age of 18 and is a citizen. Last time I checked, EVERYONE in the military has met those requirements.
You now have no room to argue.

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