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Are back pains usual when you're on your period?

Asked by MilkyWay (13709points) December 15th, 2011

I always have cramps, but I’ve never had back pains before. Are they normal or should I see my doctor? They’re so bad I can’t even bend down :-/
Anyone know how to ease back pains?

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my mother and sister would be in terrible pain near their kidneys in their backs. Both of them take ibuprofen and stretch with heating pads.
I would rub their backs when it would get to bad.

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It is quite common yes. As suggested above, heat and some pain killers are the way to go. I rarely got back pain but I had friends who were in a lot of discomfort.

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Yes!!! I always get back pain, I use to (pregnant now) get period pain so badly I would be laying in agony and back was particularly bad… so yes!

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Lie flat on your back. Press your back into the floor. Relax it. Repeat.
On your back, one at a time, bring your knees up to your chin.
Arms stretched out; knees together; roll over on your hips first to one side, then the other.
A heating pad and Tylenol also will help.

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I get terrible lower and middle back pains during the first two days of my period. It’s pretty common.

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Yes. I get lower back pains and sometimes my thighs ache quite a bit too. Light exercise usually helps to ease the cramps.

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Jeez, I need a @judochop in my life.

It is really common, I agree that exercise, stretching, warm baths, heating pads are all helpful.

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Oh thank you guys! :)
I’m quite relieved to know it’s the usual, and thanks for the tips on how to ease the pain, I’ll try them out.
<3 <3

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Not for me. But anything can happen.

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Low back pain was a constant for me. Aspirin or Ibuprofen helped.

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Yep, back pain is pretty common during menses. I typically rely on Extra Strength Midol to help with the cramps and back pain.

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Definitely! You might try a heating pad, it frequently does seem to help.

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My girl used to get bad one’s, lie on the floor on your hands bad. Since we’ve been taking fish oil supplements for heart health not a cramp.

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Yup, I get lower back pain every month and always have. Ibuprofen, stretching and heat.

@Adirondackwannabe – How long into taking the fish oil did your darling no longer have cramps? My husband takes it twice a day, so I wouldn’t have to go out and buy anything were I to try it.

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@tedibear I think it was a few months into it.

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Yes, they’re normal.

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Put a warm pack on it; that always makes my back feel better.

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