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Would you like to add your own nominations to the best and worst of Christmas music?

Asked by harple (10448points) December 20th, 2011

There are so many possible categories… Best song, worst song, best in decade, best newcomer, best cover, silliest song…. The options are limited only by your imagination!

My own entrant:
Best Hawaiian-based Christmas Song: Mele Kalikimaka

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Best Christmas Song: “Angels We Have Heard on High”

Worst Christmas Song: “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”

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Best- classical instrumental.

Worst- anything with vocals where the singer warbles or drags out a particular part similar to when singers think they add to the quality of Star Spangled Banner by yowling and harfing.

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Best – Paul Simon Ready for Christmas

Worst _ Granma got run over

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Best Christmas Album – Vince Guaraldi Trio’s A Charlie Brown Christmas

Worst Christmas Travesty – Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmas Time

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Best Christmas Love Song….........Last Year by Wham

Worst Chistmas Song….........can’t think of one. Love them all.

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Best- Anything from Trans Siberian Orchestra
Worst – Just about everything else (seriously Christmas music blows for the most part. I feel people only listen to it because it has to do with Christmas)

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Best Christmas Song: Oh Holy Night and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Worst Christmas Song: Wonderful Christmas Time and Grandma Got Run Over By A Raindeer.

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Best: Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach

Worst: The Christmas Shoes by Bob Carlisle…blech…

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Best Christmas Song – The Pogues – Fairytale Of New York

Worst Christmas Song – Cliff Richard – Mistletoe & Wine

Most Fun (when drunk) Christmas Song – Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody

Funniest Christmas Song – The Darkness – Christmas Time

Most Overplayed Christmas Song – Band Aid – Do They Know its Christmas

Rudest Christmas Song – Macc Lads – Jingle Bells

Best attempt at a Christmas No 1 that never made it – Carter USM – The Impossible Dream

Weirdest Christmas Song – Mr. Blobby – Mr. Blobby Song

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@filmfann . . . Doesn’t it suck that it had to be a beatle that made such a horrible song?

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All I Want For Christmas is You ranks in the top ten by Mariah Carey.

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There’s no such thing as a good christmas song. I avoid supermarkets for the entire month of December because they insist on piping that horrible, saccharine yowling into my ears. If I had to work eight hours a day listening to that tripe, I’d end up in a bell tower with a high-powered rifle. Of all of them, “Little Drummer Boy” is the unspeakable Lovecraftian horror that makes me want to drive marlinspikes into my eardrums.

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Best secular: Fairy Tale of New York oh, @RareDenver beat me to it. Excellent taste.

Best religious: O’ Holy Night This version gives me shivers.

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Can’t believe I forgot Christmas With the Devil by Spinal Tap. Category: Performance by a joke band that surpasses many serious attempts.

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Eagles Pleas Come Home For Christmas also in the top ten best.

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Seriously you guys! You make it too easy sometimes.
Also pretty much Xmas song remade since 1998

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I love that song, Mele Kalikimaka. I like Santa Baby too. The one I’m looking for in digital form is Little Toy Trains sung by Glen Campbell. There is this one we hear at work that several people swear is the worst, but I don’t know which one they are talking about. They swear the guy just screeches the lyrics forever…

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Best – Any thing by Buck Owens. he’s a musical fucking genius. I like the song “What can you get a Wookie for Christmas, When he already Owns a Comb”. I really dig the John Lennon song…..and I agree with Blue Roses…..O Holy Night is Awesome.

Worst song for me is the “Chestnuts roasting on a open fire”.

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Domenic the Donkey


honorable mention
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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It’s all about The Klezmonauts! Who doesn’t want awesome Klezmer-ized Christmas music?

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Thank you for that @sliceswiththings. Because of you, I just downloaded “Oy to the World”!

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“Do they know it’s Christmastime” is racist, patronizing bullshit.


Best Christmas song—-“Merry Christmas Darling” by The Carpenters.

Worst Christmas song——Any Christmas song ruined with a loud, obnoxious modern pop beat and a lousy singer.

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My favorites: “Christmas in Dixie” by Alabama and “Christmas Through Your Eyes” by Gloria Estefan

Cringe-worthy: all the adaptations created by 9 and 10 year olds, i.e. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a very shiny butt, or Deck the Halls with poison ivy, etc.

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I guess I am biased, because I not only love Christmas music, I listen to some of it year round and make new family mixes each year.

I don’t care for weird rap, heavy metal or jazz versions of Xmas songs that are too screetchy or heavy on the saxophone or have long drawn out syllables of lyrics, where they shouldn’t be.

I’m one of the few people who actually appreciates elevator music but I love both classic popular Xmas songs from the 50’s and 60’s as well as more sacred Christmas music like Bach and church choir music (which I also listen to year round whether it’s Christmas related or not).

So here is a short list of favorites:

Christmas Vacation by Mavis Staples (the theme song from Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation movie).

The entire Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas album, but especially Skating

Welcome Christmas from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Holly Jolly Christmas by Bur Ives from Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.

In Dulci Jubilo by The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge. And The Holly and the Ivy

Carol of the Bells by St. Olaf Choir.

The Hallelujah Chorus by a flash mob choir.

Silent Night by Chris Botti

And here’s a brand new one that I just found! It’s called Shalala Christmas by St. Saviour’s shcool in England.

I even like This Classic

And who can forget Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC?

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@Blondesjon Silly Love Songs and The Girl Is Mine showed McCartney’s ablities were diminished when not surrounded by the other three. He later admitted as much.

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Just seen the video for Justin Diapers effort with Mariah Scarey, made me want to gouge out my eyes and pierce my eardrums

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Best: Schubert’s Ave Maria.
Worst: Jose Feliciano’s Feliz navidad. I hate that song with a passion, and he is a much better musician that that hellspawn song suggests.

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@sinscriven I love Jose Feliciano, especially la entrada de bilbao. I’ve don’t think I’ve heard Feliz navidad so cant comment

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@RareDenver It’s only a commercial jingle to me now. I can never hear the original without thinking of tasty orange cheese

Nachos Navidad! Christ would order them

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Best-Christmas in Hollywood

Worst- every other Christmas song. :P

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@King_Pariah my grinch suit is a little too small now. Imma slip out and let you have the whole thing.

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I couldn’t find a good link to my actual favorite, which would be New Grass Revival’s version of this… but Cowan’s band is close.

Hearing it live was almost enough to make me wish I believed.

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@Blueroses YAYZ!!!!... I mean, BAH HUMBUG!!!!

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@RareDenver : Thanks for giving me something new to look up!
@Blueroses : What is this taco john’s and why are these nachos so tasty looking?


Add: “Home For The Holidays” and “The Christmas Song” by The Carpenters. The best versions of these holiday classics.

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Just thought of a couple more

Best Hip-Hop Christmas song RUN DMC- Christmas In Hollis

Best Christmas Song from a TV Show Bo Selecta – Proper Crimbo

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