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Whats the most rubbish present you ever got for Chritmas?

Asked by scotsbloke (3756points) December 18th, 2009

Remember the old days when you got a bit of fruit?
I once got an empty box and was told it was to put my memories in! I mean What??? I think it was meant to be a joke present but I didnt get it! lol
What’s the crappest present you’ve been given for Christmas?

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I never got a Christmas present that I didn’t buy for myself, but I did get a very lovely handmade Christmas card…it was awesome. I still keep it.

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A jumper with a picture of myself on it. This was a serious gift from an aunt! I have never worn it.

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Rubbish present?

I’m lucky to get any present.

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Me too. I dont get anything

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@Leanne1986 – That sounds like a sweeeeeeet gift!

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I remember hating to recieve almost any clothing item for Christmas as a child. It seemed like “cheating” to me. Now I would rather give anonymously and recieve nothing, ignore the holidays in my personal life.

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The battery operated toaster I got was a big bummer…

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A fruitcake. From a former employer. Not even a homemade one. Nobody deserves that.

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The worst gift was Some cheap perfume first time i used it, it blistered my skin!

My best presents were a liitle ealy as in two months early…........ the birth of my children
nothing could ever top those two special gifts :)

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From an ex-boyfriend…who was extremely cheap. He “forgot” to get Christmas gifts….so the only place open after 6 pm on Christmas Eve was the express shop around the corner…he got me…baby food in jars…..“For My Baby at Christmas”.

I was appalled.

Then, he proceeded to eat the baby food himself. I told you he was cheap.

And yes….it was over…...when I saw the Gerber Baby smiling on the jar.

(Is it possible to be embarrassed writing an answer….? Because I so am right now.)

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OK. last christmas my grandma who used to give me the most wonderful special gifts “regifted” a purse of hers that I had compimented and she tried to pass it off as new She is back to drinking a lot. Thats not even the worst part! When I started looking at it I found a handful of altoids in it, it reeked of smoke and tobbacco was all in the bottom of it! I just smiled,hugged her and said thank you.

In elementary school I think I was in sixth grade, I was giving out presents to all my friends I can’t remember what I gave that year but whatever it was it was pretty damn cool. This girl that I had never really talked to came up to me and siad “Merry Christmas” as she hands me a mini hairbrush with her hair all in the bristels! I guess she really wanted a present from me and thought by giving me a present, that I would give her one in return. I kind of felt bad for her though

:edit: I am not spoiled I would prefer my grandma to not get me anything and I’ve told her this but she doesn’t listen to me. Also, she didn’t regift the purse because she doesn’t have money I think she was just drinking a lot and forgot to go shopping.

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I’m just shaking my head & chuckling at some of these. I can’t think of anything that’s been really horrible, but I’m sure there’s something in there that qualifies. Maybe I’ve just erased it from my memory, LOL.

@Cruiser A battery operated toaster??? I didn’t even know they made such a thing. How could it get hot enough to toast anything???

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I’m laughing too, @DarlingRhadamanthus sorry but I’m laughing at yours, boo! my worst was a cheap plastic banana clip for my hair- in the very early 90s I gave my then husband ‘polo’ cologne (expensive then) and found out that he only used it for air freshener when he smoked weed or stunk up the bathroom.

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@trailsillustrated…..I just re-read my stupid posting….and am still shaking with laughter….and then laughed at your laughter at my stupid posting! LOL!

Honey, I would have willingly taken a banana clip over mashed banana ! LOL

Thanks, Trails!

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My empty box is looking like a “GOOD” pressie all of a sudden.
Does anyone still get socks and scarves and such-like?
I also remember once getting a mars bar from my Gran. Daft auld biddy!

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@trailsillustrated In the end (no pun intended…LOL) I bet you had the sexiest smelling bathroom in town.

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Last year I got a bottle of antacids. Not that I didn’t like it cos I get heartburn something wacky anyway. Twas just weird is all. I mean, for Christmas???

@DarlingRhadamanthus Wow…..just…!!!!

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Dear King of Sexytown,

I am sure that as King of Sexytown, you would never give bad Christmas gifts.

Thank you for your “Wow” of acknowledgment.

DR :)

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When I got a christmas card with my name spelled wrong on it and the person didn’t sign it. I found out later it was from my one aunt on my dad’s side.

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One year an aunt of mine gave me a fat separator for christmas…wtf?!

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All from my mother:

A toy coffee maker. When I was 22.
Assorted clothing articles, all size “XL” or larger. I’m a 6.
A small, stuffed purple hippopotamus. This was actually… thoughtful (?). I don’t like to ask for gifts, so when my mother asked me what I’d like for Christmas, I quoted the song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. That’s exactly what I got. I should have asked for an X-box. Not that I would have gotten it, since that was something I actually might have enjoyed.

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I got a five dollar (if that) raincoat. That sucked. He had my name for the family present and he got me that. Ah, well.

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@jbfletcherfan pssst (((I made that up))) ;)

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I used to be a competitive “Left-footed Hopscotcher”.I got one shoe for Xmas.It wasn’t the right one.They said it was the only one left…

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@Cruiser You skunk!!! LOLLLLLL :D

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The worst gift I ever got was a wedding present, not a Christmas present. It was a 4-setting dinner service, except there was only 3 of each item in the set. My mother later told me that the aunt who gave it to me had the same set, and had kept one extra place-setting for herself, and given me what was left.

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Probably just the stuff I didnt ask for. I hated when my mom bought me stuff I didn’t want or need. It made me feel like she was spending money on CRAP. I would have been happier just getting one thing I really wanted than a whole lot of stuff I’d never even think about using.

Oh.. and I hated the ugly long sleeve shirts too :(

@SABOTEUR : Love the picture btw.

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@downtide WHAT!!!??? That’s the tackiest thing I’ve ever heard of! How awful! :-(

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@jbfletcherfan I thought it was appallingly rude, but she’s well-known in the family for giving rubbish gifts, and recycling stuff she doesn’t want. And it’s not for lack of money either – she and her husband are loaded. She’s just super-stingy.

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@Leanne1986, I think you should include a picture of the jumper:)

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I’ve actually been after one of those really loud, bad taste Christmas jumpers (the kind from the 70’s) but they are hard to come by now!
thanks for all the answers. good to know others suffer too! lol

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@downtide It’s always the ones who have money who do things like that, isn’t it? You’d think they’d know better.

I have a sister-in-law who always leaves the price tags on things. :-/

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@sndfreQ…....Okay…..that’s about as bad as mine! Wow.

@downtide….Geez! How awful is that?!

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A dick in a box. And it wasn’t even a big dick.

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I received a toilet plunger with a parrot carving at the end of the handle for Christmas one year—from my sister.

We didn’t speak for a couple of years after that. When that particular wife (#2) and I divorced, I left it for her. While there were some good times, the thing was somewhat symbolic.

I defy anyone to better a decorated toilet plunger…

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