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What is correct grammar here: "I want some too" or "I want some to"?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) May 18th, 2008

Pardon my norwegianess, but I really don’t know the right one to use here! Sometimes I use “as well” instead because I don’t know better.

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I want some, too. (notice the comma)

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Too means also and why the comma?

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My Norwegianess should only be as good as your English.

“Too” is an adverb and means also, “also.” “To” is a preposition; viz; I am writing to the editor; I am going to the market; I am listening to music.

Comma is optional.

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If you said, for example,” I want some that are too big,” then “too” means “excessively.”

So “I want some, too” removes any ambiguity.

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I second gail re your skills with English.

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Too = ‘for’ (meget) or ‘ogsÃ¥’
To = ‘til’ or ‘at’

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Too late to edit the above, but for me, the easiest way to remember it is: Too has too many o’s to mean to or two.

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Is the optional comma considered more formal?

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Actually, you can use both depending on the context.
I am looking for cheese. I want some to use as a pizza topping.
Cheese!?! I want some too!

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Ex3: There is too much cheese on MY pizza, too (as well.) I’d use the comma, but it seems to be optional.

Retort: Too bad = Tough luck.

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Want some what?! Fuck it. I’m down. Count me in.

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I think of my two too’s similar to the above. Too=also, many etc.
To=conveyance or movement. I’m not sure if that is an accurate way of looking at it.

I often mix them up & have to really concentrate on it. And, I’m a native English writer/speaker.

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