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Does Fluther have a Tumblr?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 27th, 2011

Would be cool to place “question of the day” as well as the FaceBook page already.

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i don’t think so.

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They have a blog already, so maybe they should put them their.

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Oh God the last thing I want to see is a notice saying “come see our tumblr”.

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@erichw1504 I love the anchor at the bottom of the page.

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Does Google have Facebook profile?

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No official fluther tumblr.

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No Tumblr because we are above begging… ;)

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No, but I’m not entirely opposed to the idea…Tumblr would bring in new people.

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Haha, @Dog. Good one. :)

Looks like Fluther doesn’t. Good thing, too. Tumblr doesn’t come across as very professional… not in the same way Facebook business pages and Twitter accounts to promote businesses appear to, anyway.

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@AnonymousGirl I’ve seen plenty professionally styled Tumblrs. Not everyone reposts .Gifs and @Dog I don’t get what you are saying? Tumblr isn’t about asking anything from anyone. I understand there has been tons of people asking for followers here, which is disgusting in my opinion, but Tumblr is merely a blog host site. It’s probably just as raunchy as FaceBook, depending on how one uses the blog site. And are you 100% sure the founders wouldn’t love the exposure? It’d bring more people to site and more people equals more advertisement. I think some of us forget this site makes some money off advertisement. If you want to see for yourself just log out and go to another computer that has never logged into Fluther.Com and a recent site you may have been on will appear in the advertisement box.

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^^ I was talking about my impression of it. I have a friend who is a photographer. Photos people post from his Flickr page don’t really encourage people to check out his Flickr page as much as it encourages them to reblog them from other people’s Tumblr accounts. Most of them probably don’t even know (or care) who took most of the photos they chose to reblog. Tumblr is a good place to go if you want to reblog content or have other people reblog yours, but I don’t advise counting on people to view it as a place where most of the people who use it think more than something like “That’s cool, I’m reblogging it because I like it” with no intention of checking out the source of the content most of the time. I could be wrong, but that’s my impression.

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@AnonymousGirl Is there even a way to figure out where the reblogged content came from in the first place?

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It’s possible. The person can add a link to where the content came from where it allows you to “Source” it. If I recall correctly, there is also a way to let you go to the website link if you click on the image itself if the person who posted it was nice enough to make that possible. You may also be able to get the image link and paste it into Google images and see other places where that image appears on the web. I’m not even kidding. Try it out. :)

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