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People who do not celebrate Christmas: How do you spend Christmas day?

Asked by jca (36043points) December 29th, 2011

I have a friend who is Jewish who told me that she and her family used to go to the movies on Christmas day, since all the stores are closed.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas for whatever reason, how do you spend Christmas day?

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I went to the movies after all the family parties on Christmas day. It was packed! Fun crowd.

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I concoct new strategies for my war against Xmas. ;-)

Next year I’ll be sneak-feeding Taco Bell burritos to Big Red’s reindeer, so get out your umbrellas on the 24th, people!

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I have a Jewish friend who always goes out to Chinese restaurants on Christmas. I find this funny cause it always reminds me of A Christmas Story. fa ra ra ra raaaaaa

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This year I played Scrabble with random people on Facebook.

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@uberbatman Such a pity that even the Chinese-American is segregated to dominantly “laugh at them” roles. Sickens me.

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Uhhh I disagree with you but ok…

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I spent the day outside of Selfridges in London waiting in line for 15 hours to get a Gucci bag for my girlfriend, I even managed to get on the news, all be it for just a 15 second sound-bite.

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@uberbatman Of course you disagree, you wouldn’t know what it’s like to have been on the side in which racism occurred against. I like your photos btw :)

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@whitetigress I suppose you’re right in the regard of me not having been there myself I just can personally think of plenty of counter examples to what you said above. I mean I realize its still stereotyping, but more often than not Asians are portrayed as the super smart one rather than the laugh at them joke of a character as you’ve said.
And thank you :)

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I once spent Christmas day sailing on Mission Bay in San Diego.
Nowadays I generally work.

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When he was hourly, my husband used to be the one who worked on Christmas, since he needed the money. Now , when we are with his family, we go out to a Chinese restaurant.

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I think I have answered this several times on fluther already this year. This Christmas I went by a friends house around 5:00 to drop in and say hello. They invited us last minute to a midday dinner, but we already had plans at night for a Christmas party, so we dropped by there for a little under an hour to say hi to everyone after they ate, and then went to my other friends house for her party.

Some years I eat Chinese. When I lived in FL, if the day was warm I went to the beach sometimes. I’ve gone to the movies some years also.

Usually Christmas day is very boring, especially when I was very young it was the boringest day of the year.

I dated a Jewish guy once whose family had a big family party the 25th, that was their yearly extended family get together.

A couple years ago, or was it last year? I went to Vegas, place was full of Jews and Asians. I saw Jerry Seinfeld do his stand-up at Caesars. LOL.

Next year I think I want to do a cruise.

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As I mentioned in one of the other threads :
Eating chicken sandwiches and chocolate, whilst watching Christmas TV all day.

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My kids were with their father so this year I spent the entire day in bed with my husband. It was honestly one of my best Christmas’s ever.

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