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Of all Willy Wonka's attractions at the chocolate factory which is the least farfetched?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10839points) December 29th, 2011

I think it may be the wall paper?

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I always thought the same about the wallpaper… it could be done. How gross, though. lol.

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The exploited slaves

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The golden ticket in a candy bar offering a prize. What, you’ve never heard of that?

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The golden geese. I have 3 in my backyard.

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I didn’t think any of them were that far-fetched except for the tv. The wallpaper is far and away one of the easiest to pull off, I think. There’s already scratch-n-sniff wallpaper. All you would need to do is add flavor crystals to it.

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@figbash you didnt think fizzy lifting drink was that far fetched?

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I didn’t think the chocolate pool was out of this world. . .

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I LOVE thought provoking questions! : ) This is important so….yeah. The chocolate pool!

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Chocolate waterfall.

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That too! : ) I mean, under the right conditions, why not??

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@Dutchess_III Under the right conditions, anything is possible, LOL

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No…IRL that fat boy would never have made it thorough that tube!! AND he would have died. So would everyone else along the way!

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