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Do you have customs that go accompanied with welcoming the new year?

Asked by rebbel (33071points) December 31st, 2011

When better to ask this question then on the changing of the old to the new year?
My girlfriend is Greek and just an hour ago we symbolically sweeped all rooms and other spaces clean with real brooms while singing a song (“the old year went away, a new year has come, with music and presents”) and on top of that we broke a plate (because we didn’t have a pomegranate).

Are there customs in your country or state, or even in your family?

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Gettin’ drunk. Lord I feel like a redneck today!

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My husband’s family eats 12 grapes to bring luck for the new year.

Some Latin American friends wear yellow underwear. Bob_ says red works too.

I don’t have any specific customs, sometimes I go out, sometimes I stay home.

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We eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for luck in the New Year.

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@rebbel That’s cute.

If I had the night off, I’d be chilling out with some champagne. My family lights off fireworks.

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I don’t follow this practice but my parents did. Having someone with dark hair bring in a piece of coal. The coal symbolises good luck and the dark hair is a reference to being the opposite of blonde haired Viking raiders (or so the website I read said).

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Watching the Twilight Zone.

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Up here in the hills everyone shoots off their rifles and guns at midnight, causes a damn stampede it does. lols

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Place bets on which idiot neighbor is going to shoot, maim, injure, or kill someone else.

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My family does a burning bowl ceremony. It includes writing down the negativity of the year past, setting fire to the paper and tossing it into a fire-safe bowl. (Usually stainless.) When we can’t coordinate to do it together, we do it separate.

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My family always wears red underclothes on New Years Eve and we eat bagna caulda. We also throw some of our old and used stuff out the window to make room for our new stuff that we will receive in the new year. On New Years Day we wear new clothes and exchange sweets (usually honey) and gifts (either gold or a lamp or light of some sort) and we eat cotechino and lentils.
Anno nuovo felice!!

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I love that idea @Taciturnu and your families New Year custom too @Tuesdays_Child. Do these practices belong to a certain country or culture?

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“family’s New Year custom”... missed the 10 minute edit time.

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You’re a CAT @Bellatrix. We really don’t expect that much from you! ;)

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Flags as cat attack!

[I’m a cute cat though…]

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@Bellatrix Sorry for the delay. No, it doesn’t come from a specific culture. We’re a rogue family, creating our own customs and traditions. ;)

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@Bellatrix…we are Italian…I am fourth generation in the US….

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