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Where should I go to busk in the American South?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11718points) January 1st, 2012

I am a 23-year-old -female working predominantly as a street musician. I play solo accordion. So far I’ve played in particularly artsy parts of Massachusetts as well as San Francisco, and in these places I can do well enough to support myself.

I’d like to spend the winter (mid-January through April) busking (street performing) in the American South, a territory that I have not explored. I’m trying to find the ideal city, and I’d like suggestions!

My requirements:
-Warmer than Massachusetts
-Tourists/ample foot traffic
-Art/music scene
-Safe for me to walk home alone at night
-NOT a premier music city, simply because I’m not good enough (Nashville, Austin, New Orleans. Also not Key West since it’s tough to get a permit.)

So far people have suggested Savannah and Charleston. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Atlanta would be good, since it is so large. However a tourist city like Orlando/Kissimmee Florida would probably be better, if you could get a street license.

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Does southern California count? San Diego would be great.

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How about Corpus Christi or Padre Island Texas

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I’m trying to limit it to just the Southeast, because I want to drive without it being a super long road trip. I’d like to try So Cal, @digitalimpression except that I did California last year so I want to try someplace new.

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@sliceswiththings – atlanta does not have a real downtown meeting area – rather it has dozens of them. It’s unlike a lot of cities where there is a true central area where a lot of people pass through. I would suggest that Atlanta is not the best place.

Charleston, Nashville, Savannah, Washington DC, New Orleans – those are better bets.

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Savannah would be nice. Since you are looking for areas that see heavy tourist traffic, would think somewhere along the coast, for sure. Maybe Myrtle Beach?

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