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Orkin, Terminex or Other for Termites?

Asked by steelmarket (3603points) May 19th, 2008

I’ve either got termites or carpenter ants. $%^&!!! What exterminator is best (and most honest)?

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It really depends. Honest people work for all of the companies you listed, dishonest people do to.

Maybe you could get a specific answer if we knew where you are located.

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I agree with what johnpowell said. If there is Angie’s list where you are, it has a fee associated with it, but you get reports on people’s actual experiences with service companies.

Just for data points on the specific company names you provided, here is a site you may want to read:

Here is a similar site regarding Terminix:

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whichever one you go for, make sure they offer free yearly, or semi-yearly inspection, with free or reduced pricing on retreatment if necessary, with their treatment packages, that way, a recurrence is prevented and treated as soon as evidence is shown.

Ehrlich is one of those companies, my parents had them treat our house for termites 6 years ago, and they send a postcard every six months to set up an appointment for them to come out and check to see if they’ve come back.

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I had one awful experience w. Terminex. On reflection, I would swear that he brought a carpenter ant in a matchbox w.a sliver of wood in its teeth. I ended up signing a contract for a monthly inspection, which I then broke, with a great deal of difficulty.

I solved my ant problem w. honey and borax, BTW,

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I agree that it depends on the representatives in you area. However I think they are all over priced and verge on extortion with their yearly contracts. With that said, I still renew my Terminex contract every year.

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I’ve got a local guy coming out tomorrow….we’ll see…. Thanks to all!

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