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When was the last time you got deceived, taken for a ride?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21583points) January 6th, 2012

How did you feel after that? I guess you could kick yourself out of anger!!!!!

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A couple of years ago by someone close to me. It was awful.

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I let go of a long time friend that was manipulative last year. I didn’t consider myself deceived really,I just woke up to her escalating games and passive aggressive ways and when she couldn’t handle a diplomatic confrontation about things I chose to let her go. I was ready though, so it didn’t feel so much upsetting as a relief. lol
Depending on the relationship you can feel anything from minor annoyance and indignation to devastated.
I try to not focus on the negatives, I think it’s best to just educate yourself on red flag behaviors of toxic personalities and be aware of what to watch for with people.

It’s never fun to wake up to the fact that someone hasn’t been what they presented to you, or that they were capable of really dysfunctional behaviors, but, it happens.

Live & learn what to watch for.

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3 years ago, he was a jerk. I’m glad I found out and dumped him. He made me feel furious.

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Last month. I bought theater tickets from a website using their diagram of seating that doesn’t match the actual theater in my city. All I got was an apology for their “outdated” diagram.

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A long time ago. I tend to be hyper vigilant.

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Hmmm… don’t really know.

Never consider myself “taken for a ride” as much as “learned a lesson or two in my time.”

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