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Who is some famous person you have mentioned in conversation, and the other person had never heard of them?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43072points) January 7th, 2012

I mentioned Jesse Owens to my coworker. She had never heard of him, had no idea who he was.

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David Hume, widely considered to be the the most important philosopher ever to write in the English language.

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Oh man this happened a few months ago. The person in question did not know who Nigella Lawson was. WTF?! How did she go through her whole life without at least hearing of her? I do not know.

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This happens to me quite a bit when I’m teaching. I understand if it’s an old-time celebrity (Claudette Cobert or Dinah Washington) or some classic artist or designer (Paul Rand or Frank Lloyd Wright), but I mentioned Cindy Lauper in class one day and they had no idea who I was talking about.

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Uh oh. Going to google Nigella Lawson!
@cprevite Cindy Lauper doesn’t compare to Jesse Owens!

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@Keep_on_running I googled…were you joking?

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@Dutchess_III What do you mean? She’s one of the most famous cooks in the world, she’s had dozens of TV shows, books, public appearances…

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Samuel Johnson.

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@Dutchess_III: Well not in terms of achievement, no – but certainly in terms of popular culture awareness.

By the way, how are @Dutchess_I & II?

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(I think you’re talking to me, not yourself, @Keep_on_running)! I have never heard of her. Perhaps because she’s English. We don’t get any English channels here. Have you heard of Julie Childs?

They are fine, as far as I know! I (one) is still lost in and II is somewhere on Minekey!

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@Dutchess_III Yes, I know, I was so shocked by your accusation I couldn’t see straight. ;) Yeah, I’ve heard of Julia Child, watched Julie and Julia not long ago lol.

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I have this all the time.
In my job there are some people who have no idea who some persons are that I talk about.
My girlfriend has a ‘problem’ with memorizing names or/and no interest to do so of people who are in the news, be they celebs, politicians, athletes, etc.

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Feelin’ kinda like the squirrel in the video aye @KOR? Go see one of the most recent questions in Social!

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Squirrels are funny and endearing lol.

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Bad Brains. I was telling my girlfriend how they influenced a portion of my youth. To my surprise she had no idea who they were. This coming from a girl thatt when i met her was singing 7seconds songs and dancing around to the Buzzcocks.

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Richard Dawkins

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Gerard Butler.

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I must be that person you’ve all been talking to. I went to a fancy dress party in my twenties. A couple came dressed in coordinating costume. One was Pol, the other Pot. (No memory of what those costumes were.) I had no clue who Pol Pot was but I remember not caring since they were such a pretentious couple.

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I once worked with a girl who is the same age as me (mid twenties) who didn’t know who Dolly Parton was!

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Like you, @cprevite, I have that experience while teaching. The most recent one: Stevie Wonder!

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I have cut down on popular culture references while teaching so as to stop embarrassing myself quite so much.

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@linguaphile: My god! I may have just left the room if my students hadn’t heard of Stevie.

@SavoirFaire: I have tried, but once I get rolling, my stream of consciousness just flows. Lol. :^)

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