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What famous person in the real world would you be be tickled to find out was a regular on fluther?

Asked by Judi (39865points) January 27th, 2012

Most of us don’t use our real names here, so who would make you go , ”WOW” if you found out that they were here talking to us?

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Edit : Her Majesty The Queen.

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J.K.Rowling. That would be awesome!

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(heythere majesty the queen)

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The POTUS (Mr President)

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@Judi Her Majesty The Queen… or any other Royal for that matter.

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Stephen Hawking
Hey, I bought this fine Fender guitar yesterday, but I have difficulty with the strings.
Is there a theory, a certain order in which I put them on?

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@rebbel I thought about Hawking, but then I realized how bad the latency would be.

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John Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert.

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Rush Limbaugh.

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Sir Patrick Stewart
Meryl Streep

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Stephen Fry or Michael Palin.

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Waves @MilkyWay…my husband and I are pleased to inform you that… ‘we’ are here :D

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@dappled_leaves, I can’t think of anyone right now… but I love your ideas.

MilkyWay's avatar

* Bows *
* Hyperventilates *
* Faints *

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Lady Gaga
Dave Matthews

Just because I love them and would be super excited if they liked me.

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Morgan Freeman.

zenvelo's avatar

Natalie Portman for dating and NSFW questions.

Paul Krugman for economics.

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I would go ‘wow’ if any famous person was on this site. I can’t think of anyone specific…

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Cate Blanchett.

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I had the television on this afternoon and it was on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. One of the housewives is married to a handsome, rich Mexican man. I thought, oh my, how funny it would be if it turned out to be…one of the women who Fluthers.

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Kenneth Branagh or Emma Thompson!

Sunny2's avatar

Tiger Woods.

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It would be kind of cool if Stephen King had an account on here.

Or perhaps he does

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

Johnny Depp

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@Sunny2 Oh my gawsh… Stephen Colbert, I would PM him until Fluther broke down and if he responded that would be fantabulous. lol

Michio Kaku.

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I really want Rachel Maddow to be a jelly…She might be my favorite celebrity nerd.

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Philip Rivers and Mark Zuckerberg.

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@fundevogel Haha! I could totally see Rachel Maddow fluthering! That would be fabulous.

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The Dali Llama
Snoop Dogg
Jean Luc Picard….

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The Pope!!!!!!

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I’m with @Hawaii_Jake , Johnny Depp.

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Milo here: Me.

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When is Milo going to get his own account?

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I’m Batman!

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Lyle Lovett
Stanley Tucci
Terri Gross
Patton Oswald
Julie Andrews
Stevie Wonder

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@fundevogel:Milo here: Why should I bother when I have an abject, subservient and docile slave already in place? And if I had to type, I would ruin my mani/pedi. Plus, there are no keyboards (yet) designed for four paws.

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@Milo yyse theeeeer ar ,nuyt hey dooommntt qqwork berry fgfogood yet.

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@rebbel: That’s because you are not typing with both your hands and your feet.

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@Milo uOu areee rghggt,.I onnmlyy usde my fett.

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God. Yep, Jehovah, Allah, The Man Upstairs, The Great Spirit, She… whatever you call ^^^.

Can you imagine how many huge world issues we’d solve???!

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I’m not sure that would solve a lot of issues. If God appeared on earth, He would probably impose Biblical law upon the whole world. Christians would love it. But, really, how well do you think that would go over with everybody?

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@ZEPHYRA The Pope…. Not so sure….“No, trust me on this I can’t be wrong.”

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Quentin Tarantino
Koji Kondo – video game music genuis
Leonardo Dicaprio
Ellen Degeneres

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Chuck Norris
Matt Damon

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