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Would you like to pitch your movie ideas to fluther?

Asked by judochop (16104points) January 8th, 2012

Give us a brief rundown of what your flick would look like. You can go as detailed as you want, including actors and filming locations and budgets, costumes, etc.

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25 Sloths are brought to NYC via a shipping container which is rested next to a few black market cartons of Crystal Meth which was sitting next to a container of secret chemicals thought to be formed in the Egyptian Pyramids found by Dr. Gonzaga from South America. Upon entering the port the ship collides with a cruise ship causing all kinds of fire and death and madness. The Chemicals break open and mix with the Crystal Meth and the Sloths begin to chow down…..
The Sloths grow 10 times their height and weight and become mad on Meth and rampage the city. They develop addiction and start raiding Meth houses in NYC in search of more. The fighting battles continue as the US Military is brought in to protect the streets of NYC only to make a larger mess of things. When former meth addicts, David Hasselhoff, Alec Baldwin and Christina Ricci catch wind of this they try to formulate a plan to save loved ones and former addicts stranded without power around the city. They come up with a new 12 step program to take on the giant meth sloths and save NYC from disaster. The final scene steals ideas from King Kong and includes a fight scene that involves Lady Liberty.
Main Actors:
David Hasselhoff
Alec Baldwin
Christina Ricci
Samuel Jackson
Scientist who figures out what has happened and helps aid in defeating the meth sloths:
Benicio Del Toro
NYC Governor:
Michael Douglas
US President:
Jack Nicholson
Leader of the US Military:
Daniel Craig
Jenna Jameson
Ron Jermey
Morgan Freeman
Joe Pesci
Kate Moss
Nicole Richie
Nick Nolte
Gary Busey
Courtney Love
Robert Downey Jr.
New York has 25 meth problems the size of Lady Liberty. Their going to need a new 12 step program to get it in check.

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We are looking out through the front window of a car.
It drives at a mild speed across all kind of Dutch [insert any country you desire here] highways and local roads.
The camera is fixed and has a wide view.
No music.

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Untitled because I’m too fucking lazy to come up with a title
The movie starts out with a montage of a couple in a park. They’re having a picnic, they’re picking flowers, laughing and kissing, etc. Then while they are riding their bikes together, they are suddenly ambushed by a bunch of men in ski masks with assault rifles. The masked men open merciless fire upon the couple and then they run away. In the next 30 minutes of so, the camera only focuses on the corpses. Maybe there’ll be a dog sniffing them, and there’ll be a bird flying in the background. FIN

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I have nothing original, and it’s been done before.

But I’d make a cheesy eighties based slasher movie to pay homage to all classic eighties slasher movies. My killer would be a woman, and she’d look really sexy, showing some leg, maybe wearing torn up stockings and combat boots. She’d wear a mask, something white, plain and emotionless. A bit like Michael Myer’s mask, but not with so many distinct facial features. A lot like Jason’s hockey mask, but much less angry looking. Even if anger is what would fuel her actions. I’m thinking it could be really messed up to see a killer with an extremely agitated physical demeanor who acts like a comic character duking it out, but having a lifeless representation for a face.
And the mask would be made out of human skin, kinda like Leatherface, but her job of it isn’t as sloppy. We’d see her making her mask (but never her face) by meticulously carving off the faces of a few victims, drying them up and fashioning them into a mask. I wonder how much sex appeal I could include into something macabre like that.
But that wouldn’t really be the point, because this movie would be a homage to famous slasher movies I like, but by trying to at least include a bit of something different.

It would, of course, be ridiculously violent, filled with false alarms, stereotypical eighties teenagers with personalities that don’t progress, chase scenes and the classic super awesome ending climax where the killer is finally bested. I love how stuff in slashers are what a movie needs in order to be bad most of the time. It has a strong charm I’d want to capture and reproduce in mine.
I’d want the violence to be a bit more realistic than most slashers though, and respect what it would actually look like in real life…(both through ’‘gore’’ and actual dying) so it can really disturb people. They’d have to walk away going…man, that’s some sick shit. The more bad reviews I got as far as lack of class goes, the more I’d know I’ve succeeded. While her main implement of death would be a wood cutting axe, she’d be snapping necks and impaling people and everything. Throwing some dude in traffic, and causing dozens to die because of it, stuff like that.

The story would be something really cheesy and secondary, and would not reveal too much. The cause of her anger would be something trite like her being a product of her environment that has rendered her insane, but the idea here is that she’s really angry, and jess dun give a fuck no moe’s.
But no super powers or supernatural stuff or anything. There would only be the one movie, where when she dies at the end, she’s really dead. Then they take off her mask and surprise surprise, her arm goes to the throat of the person revealing her face and this is how it ends she looks totally normal, and even pretty. No deformation or scars or whatever. If there WERE sequels, I’d just do like all slasher series do, and completely forget any aspect of reality that the original may have had, if ever so slightly, then make a buncha fun bullshit.

I might also include someone close to her as a primary character, kinda like Mikey and Loomis. But yeah, it would be a sexy looking killer wearing someone’s face, and following all the traditional slasher elements, but being extreme about it, while following a bit more of a realistic formula. I wonder how that could be done, giving the section of the spectrum I’d be drawing from. The movie would also take place in a big, active city, because I personally think it adds lots of variety for what you can do with everything.

I denno what I’d call it…again, something cheesy, but kind of poetic. Autumn’s Knight is way too Halloween like, but something in that style. It would also include a bunch of heavy Industrial tracks, with a few more macabre and eerie shit to compliment the more stalky parts of the movie.

Also, I think it would be pretty cool to make a movie about some guy who operates a heavy duty snowplow. His wife left him, his son died, he lost his house…some reason like that would just make him snap. Then he’d kill random people with his snowplow for the whole movie, until the cops finally kill him in a brutal battle. XD

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I really should be cooking dinner so I am going to stop but I want to make a movie poster mock up. Anyway…Here is a sloth mock up, sorta.

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@judochop I’d watch that. Cool poster lol.

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Great… nightmares about Meth Sloth soon to come. Gee thanks.

My movie is called: Bubble Boy vs Vat Brain

It’s about a Boy in a Bubble who’s only source of social interaction comes from joining an online social network called… hmmm… ummm… flethur… yes flethur will do just fine!

His bubble is burst upon discovering that his entire network of online friends is nothing more than one big fat brain in a vat. Shit’s gonna go down!

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@judochop The orange background makes it hard to read the red letters. Fix it, and then fix your dinner. XD

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Meh, I am done with Meth Sloth. I am going to start a movie poster after dinner.

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I would but they are multi-billion dollar ideas and I’ll keep them to myself until you see my name in lights.

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The Suffering

Stars Nick Cage, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Will Ferrell.

It begins with a long shot of Nick Cage chained to a wall. A rifle crosshairs comes into view, as it slowly blows off portions of his body. His foot, his hand, his testicals one by one. He begs for his life, but the shooting doesn’t stop.
Next up is Travolta, then Cruise and Ferrell.

Oh, it’s a documentary.

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@rebbel I’d watch the crap outta that film.

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A small independent movie. Could be scary-suspense. Not everything’s here but the main gist is.

A man awaken one morning depressed. He attempted to hang himself but his only child, a six year old daughter carrying her pet cat, saw him so he stopped and planned to do it later. The man noticed that her daughter was not sneezing anymore because of the cat. His wife gave him hell for getting their daughter the pet for she was terribly allergic. Now he smiled. One, he no longer need to get rid of the poor cat. Two, he won the argument.

Feeling much better, the day proceeded with the man doing all the fun stuff he could think of with his daughter. He cooked her a great breakfast, not like the tasteless, boring food his wife makes. At noon, lunch was even better. His daughter had fun watching him cook as Mr. Silly Chef. He made her laugh so hard she fell off her chair, throwing her cat up in the air. She was still giggling when he picked her up from the wooden floor.

The day seemed perfect except for some strange things happening. Sometimes when he took his eyes away from her, when he got distracted with his cooking or dishwashing, she would be gone. He would end up finding her in her room, horribly scared of an unseen presence. She would not leave the room with him, insisted he must stay instead.

Later, he locked himself in his room and took his .38 caliber handgun to shoot himself in the head. She startled him, knocking on his door, asking him to go out so they can play in the yard or hike in the woods like they used to. Unable to say no, he put the gun down. He recalled why he bought it. Certainly not to use it to end his own life but to defend his family if it comes to that. His wife doesn’t believe he can. Not after intruders came one night, knocked him out and raped her.

His daughter knocked harder, saying if he doesn’t want to come out, she would be happy playing in his room with her cat. She worries about him being alone. He quickly put the gun back in its hiding place. She loves poking around at things all over the house like a mouse and he shivers at the idea of her daughter playing with the gun. He came out. Happily picked her up to go hiking.

After having a great time in the woods, where his daughter said no matter what happens she would always believe in her heart that he is the greatest father in the whole world and she would love him forever and ever, he finds her missing once again.

He rushed back to the house and just when he was about to open the door to her room, heard his daughter screaming. He practically flew to his room to grab his gun. He run back and kicked his daughter’s door open. He found her screaming, pointing at the wall mirror. He looked and saw his own reflection. A dark willowy mass with long black fingers stood behind him, its mouth gaping like a blackhole about to swallow him from above.

Swiftly, he turned around to shoot, but the gun wasn’t there in his hand. He turned towards her daughter’s bed, saw her now, seemingly sound asleep, his missing gun in her hand! It all came back to him. But then no, he really did not lose anything. He just chose to look away. Now he is forced to look back. To accept.

With tears in his eyes, he struggled taking the gun away from her cold hand. He still could not fathom how she managed to find it. But she had always been good at that. Like a mouse. His sweet playful mouse. The gun felt cold in his mouth. The dark mass, the shadow that terrified his daughter, closed in, its fingers clasping on the gun’s trigger.

Before he could close his eyes and fire, he felt his daughter’s hand on his cheeks. They were surprisingly warm this time. She was all light, forgiveness and grace which illuminated him from within. As if embarassed, he took the gun and dropped it on the floor. He would not attempt to kill himself again. He will face his wife with deep remorse and the truth. That would have to do.

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