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Almost went to my job still wearing my slippers. What is something you forgot upon going out (the house)

Asked by rebbel (24954points) January 11th, 2012

Forgot to put on, or forgot to take off.
Or did you found that is was Sunday instead of Monday, when you parked your car in front of your job(‘s place)?
Anything that could have or did made you look stupid/feel awkward?

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I have found myself (not too often, as it happens) out and about with one slipper and one shoe on. No one cares.

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I tend to forget my lunch. Once I forgot the appropriate shirt for work and had to quickly get a new one.

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I forget things all the time. Yesterday I tried to go to class without my books. Today I tried to go shopping without any money.

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I went to a CPR course with my T shirt on inside out. Too early, too early. It looked the same on both sides except for the seams so I’m sure someone noticed before I did at coffee. All strangers, thank gawd. I did go to a doctors’ appt with slippers on- a little embarrassing. I claimed comfort instead of pudding brain.

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I have discovered that I was wearing two different black shoes at Church once. I have had my shirt on wrong side out on many occasions. I even had a dress on wrong side out once. I used to have those naked dreams when I had a stressful job, where you went to work naked. I’m glad I don’t have those anymore.

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I once took off for a super slow waitressing shift without my phone :( No texting the night away.

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Too many things to count. Even at work, I’m constantly stopping and going back to my previous project to collect what I left, or dropping my task to do something that I’d forgotten earlier.

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On various occasions, I’ve almost left for school without my backpack and/or shoes.

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I normally walk around in bare feet at home so I am always worried about forgetting to put shoes on when going out (I don’t drive in shoes either). And despite not normally wearing them, I did once have a really lovely pair of sheepskin slippers and one day found myself at the cinema in the city wearing them. I felt very self-conscious about my feet that evening.

If my husband drives me to work because he needs the car for the day, I have forgotten the keys to my office.

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I forgot my keys at home, ended up being locked outside with no one to open the door on the inside :/
I’ve forgotten my water bottle, and once my lunch. And I once forgot to put my school trousers on and ended up with only wearing tights – _—

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@MilkyWay… oh dear on the tights.

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I’m a scatterbrain. I forget something almost every other day—keys, ID, schoolbooks, class materials, my lunch or makeup etc but never clothes… thank goodness. I work with kids—I’ll never live that down.

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I left the house in my slippers once. In the snow. I also left the office once without my purse (and bus fare and house keys).

Several times in the past decade, I brought my work laptop home but forgot to take it back with me the next day.

No use counting all the times of leaving without my lunch.

Not going to work makes life so much easier.

The time that I wore two shoes of the same style but different colors, I pretended that it was deliberate. One was purple and the other was green. These days if I did that, it would be.

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I’ve forgotten my backpack on my way to school before, and the proper shoes for PE. My lunch, a few times, my sunglasses, etc..

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I have (more than once) gone in to work on my day off.

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Another slipper story: I stepped out of the car ready to do go in and do my drivers theory test and realised I still had my slippers on so we had to drive back home, lucky it was only 5 minutes away. I passed that day with 30/30 though, lucky me lol.

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I always thought you were a smelly old mindless freak…

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