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What are the odds of catching an infection from cleaning public toilets?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24540points) March 13th, 2019

What is the dislike to cleaning toilets and doing minimum wage jobs?

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There isn’t much of a chance of getting an infection in public restrooms unless you cut yourself doing so.
Minimum wage jobs can be very demeaning, especially if the boss is a prick. Otherwise, it’s good honest work.

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Use bleach and wear rubber gloves, and don’t wear your shoes into your domicile, you won’t get a work related infection.

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The dislike isn’t so much about being afraid of catching a disease. Public restrooms get visited by all sorts of people. Cleaning after them can often be just plain gross. Sometimes poo ends up on walls, and other places. Lots of times people don’t flush. There are other disgusting things, but I prefer to stop here.
Lots of people do clean public toilets, obviously. If it were a health threat, you would certainly hear about that.

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Pretty low as long as you take the necessary precautions, such as gloves and mask.

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There are less probabilities of catching an infection from cleaning public toilets. However, make sure to take necessary precautions like wearing masks and rubber gloves while cleaning. As far as minimum wage jobs are concerned you can join as a vendor in a field service company to get better pay!

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