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If you were an Iranian nuclear scientist, would you be considering another line of work?

Asked by saint (3972points) January 11th, 2012

Over the last 5 years, Mossad and the CIA have killed five people associated with the Iranian program to develop a nuke. If you were an Iranian nuclear scientist or official, at what point would you consider taking a job giving piano lessons or coaching kids soccer?

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If it was at all possible, I would move to a more modern society and do research there.

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I have heard the accusations (directed to CIA), after today’s killing of the Iranian scientist, but were the five (or four) cases that you talk about proven?

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If I were Muslim, wouldn’t that death make me a martyr, and entitle me to 72 virgins?

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I would certainly be careful around Israelis.

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Perhaps, but in your case thry would probably be male! LOL!

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I am ashamed to be part of a country that is implicated in this murder.

If America didn’t support or conduct these assassinations, it’s time to condemn the country that carried them out (whoever that might be).

Deliberately assassinating innocent civilians is not okay.

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They’re hardly “innocent.”

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What crimes have they committed?

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Ah, the Mossad, doing what they do best. I’d love to see them pull the Iraq Nuclear Reactor stunt again, that was beautiful.

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What “crimes” did Werner Von Braun comitt? What “crimes” did Edward Teller and his team comitt?

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I would be more careful about stopping at stop lights and guys with motorcycles riding next to me. I would have my vehicle wanded and mirrored before I ever stepped foot in it, in fact I just might drive random vehicles. wait…..wait a second. What do I mean I would be more careful? I would never be the douche bag planning on building a nuclear bomb in the middle east in the first place. I think he probably got what was coming for him. The nice thing about assassinations is that they don’t fuck around. They go for the target, complete the execution and get out. No war needed and most likely, war prevented. Iran harbors enough criminals to expect this sort of thing. Anyone that follows Iran on second glance is not surprised.

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Yes, these scientists should choose to become secret agents working against the mullah regime in Teheran.

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@CaptainHarley, I’m confused as to what your point is. You would have supported Soviet assassins killing Von Braun and Teller?

Likewise, would you support Iranian or Hezbollah assassins killing Israeli scientists? Iran may be developing an illegal nuclear weapon, but we know for a fact that Israel did develop illegal nuclear weapons.

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Seems to be a natural state for you.

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No one at this time can win a confrontation with Israel. this is why it gets ignored or overlooked. Also, the big kids are less likely to throw down a nuclear blow when all they have to do is blow really hard.
You’ve even answered yourself in non direct support by openly admitting that Iran is attempting to build and power nuclear warheads. Soviet assassins or not, some one had to do it. They are far from being big kids and would most likely be the ones to toss a few warheads around to try and level the playing field.

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@judochop, soviet assassins? What are you talking about? Mossad almost certainly did it.

And why on earth do you think Iran would use a nuclear weapon? How would using a nuke “level the playing field”?

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@Qingu never mind. I don’t want to get in to a pissing match and I know that I can get heated and opinionated while talking politics, especially politics in the middle east. I do think that Iran would threaten the use of nuclear power if given the advantage of having such power and explaining how that would even out the playing field is going to more time to explain than I care about but the major leveler would be logistics. Nuclear fallout does not necessarily have to be used over a city. It can incapacitate supply routes and separate two sides from communication. Much how EMP devices are sometimes used to kill communication. As far as who did what to what and is taking responsibility of the kill at this point is speculation so pointing a finger really holds no value. There most certainly is more than one country that desires the fall of the Iranian government. The entire event is very equivocal at this point. And for the record, when we speak of “nuke”(s) I am not speaking of gigantic warheads that will level countries, if that is the impression you are getting then you are misunderstanding my intentions, my apologies. Either way, I am no fan of the middle east for many reasons, personal and simply because I do not have much faith and or trust in any of the governments in that region. I hope that I am wrong but it will be hard to come by a non-biased argument for this region and myself and because of that, I’d rather just bow out of this debate and wish you the best.

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1. I’m still unclear as to why you think Iran would start a nuclear war. The country would be incinerated. Even an EMP burst would trigger nuclear responses from Israel if not others. Do you think Iran’s leaders harbor both genocidal and suicidal tendencies? There’s no evidence to suggest they do (and the quote about “wiping Israel off the map” is taken out of context).

2. I agree we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about who the assassins are, but I have no idea what stake you think Russia has in this. Russia has been reticent to even condemn Iran for its nuclear ambitions or participate in sanctions. Whereas Israel hasn’t even categorically denied being responsible for the assassinations.

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Iranian nuclear scientists probably feel they shouldn’t give in to terrorism.

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For starters, because Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants the “removal of the regimes” in power in Israel and America.

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@bkcunningham, and why do you think he means the removal of regimes by use of nuclear attacks?

Note that we (the United States) have repeatedly called for the removal of the Iranian regime and other regimes throughout the world we believe are illegitimate.

By the way, what do you think would happen to the Israeli government if everyone living in Israeli territory could vote in Israeli elections?

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I don’t buy into the Israel apartheid analogy, @Qingu.

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I didn’t say the A word. You can call the situation there whatever you want.

But the fact is that if everyone living in the territory controlled by Israel could vote in Israeli elections, the Jewish state of Israel would be “wiped off the map.” This is what non-violent Muslims mean when they use that phrase, and it’s worth remembering when discussing Iran’s supposedly genocidal tendencies.

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Iran’s life expectancy after dropping a nuclear bomb is probably about 8 minutes. Even though the country is a theocracy, they’re not that crazy and self destructive.

If the Israelis don’t get them, Europe and possible Russia would. There is no need for us to get involved with them on a cold or hot war basis. They’re going to develop a nuclear capability and the Arabs are going to have to deal with it. A nuclear armed Iran is much more of a danger to its Arab neighbors than to us. Remember Iran, being Persian, feel superior to its Arab neighbors and considers itself as the natural leader of the Middle East. Considering the condition of the Arab states, they may be right

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I think we should be much less concerned about Iran having a nuclear weapon than Pakistan having a nuclear weapon.

Iran is a pretty f-ed up place but it’s relatively modern and stable. Pakistan is a few explosions away from a failed state.

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@Qingu I completely agree. The problem is the right wing is focusing on Iran, probably because they think it would be a pushover in a war and everybody likes a nice quick “mission accomplished” war!

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If I were an Iranian nuclear scientists I would not be caving to the state-sponsored terrorism of Western nations. I’d like to think that I would keep doing my job.

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@Qingu, I was having a similar discussion recently with someone. They made a point I’d like you to address if you would please. Why a major exporter of gas and oil be willing to put its life on the line simply for the sake of nuclear electricity?

Where does it put Pakistan, or for that matter Saudi Arabia, if Iran goes nuclear?

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@bkcunningham several reasons. It’s a matter of national pride. That’s a huge deal. Both sides of the revolution in Iran feel strongly that Iran has the right to develop nuclear science and capability.

If Iran merely develops “weapons capability” (not a functioning weapon per se) that serves as a deterrent against Israeli/US aggression. That’s also a big deal. Largely because of US and Israeli actions and rhetoric, Iran is understandably terrified of a war or invasion.

And there are other uses for nuclear power besides electricity (medical isotopes for example) ... though I seriously doubt that Iran is interested in nuclear science just for electricity and isotopes. (i.e. I’m sure they do want weapons capability.)

I have no idea how Pakistan would react. Seems like they’d continue to be preoccupied with India. Saudi Arabia would probably freak out and might get into an arms race. Though I don’t really know how they’d accomplish this themselves since they buy all their weapons from us. Maybe that’s where Pakistan would come in?

So yeah, there’s a lot of uncertainty, a lot of potential for destabilization. But frankly we’ve dealt and are dealing with worse countries developing nukes in more tense standoffs—Pakistan and North Korea. I am more worried about Israel unilaterally attacking Iran and sparking a regional or global war than I am about Iran developing a nuclear weapon.

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