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Can a person truly not care what an entire society has to say?

Asked by raven860 (2174points) January 12th, 2012

Can a person truly not care what an entire society has to say?

What I mean is if a person is guilty of being despicable and nasty. Sure that person can bark all they want and not care what the 1-person audience or even say 100 people have to say.

However if every news media channel talks about it and shows some sort of resent or confronts them, criticizes them to shame them and embarrass them by publicly displaying their logical fallacies….would they still not care what others have to say?

I can imagine a person wrongly convicted of a crime to have a strong headed mindset (although not always) but what about a person who is guilty of something despicable or shameful ( I am aware they might not feel shame for it)....would they not feel embarrassed and either give up or “not meet the eyes” of others for it? Will they feel shame about it?

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People are sensitive to ostracization. That’s why it works. We are social animals.

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Ever heard of sociopaths?

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You obviously don’t pay much attention to politicians.

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Does a jellyfish care there are giant octopi out there? Lol.

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There are over 7,000,000,000 people on Earth. How could there not be at least one person who truly doesn’t care? The media tends to make sure that those few people are the ones that are highlighted for everyone to see.

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Narcissism is not rare. The paradox of the nineties movement to increase the self esteem of kids is that the state prisons are full of people that have so much self esteem that they feel above the rule of law.

People who don’t care what society says or thinks are fairly common.

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Well sociopaths are one.

@GladysMensch What do you mean?

@mazingerz88 What do you mean?

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@raven860 Ego. Me Against The World. Rebel Without A Cause?

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If someone is confident enough in their actions, what everyone else says won’t matter. I have a colleague who holds some rather unpopular views. His proudest moment was being called “evil” by someone who disagrees with him. For him, the sort of reaction mentioned in the OP is taken as proof that he is correct (since his view predicts that people will respond in such a way).

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There are a number of public examples of sociopaths that clearly don’t care what society thinks for example, both George Bushes, Romney, Gingrich, Cheney, Kissinger.

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Yes, absolutely, with discretion.
I have always been a free spirited type, and don’t buy into a lot of, what I consider, the programming of society.
I lead a pretty eccentric/esoteric lifestyle and reject a lot of “mainstream” pursuits of the masses.
However, the deciding factor is character.

Reject society all you wish as long as your eccentricities don’t involve crime and spread suffering wherever you go.
Big dif between harmless eccentricities and sociopathic behaviors.
Living in the woods to be close to nature is not the same as living in the woods so you have plenty of space to bury the victims of your killing sprees.
It’s all about intention. lol

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Sure. In some ways, I do not…on some issues…because certain things are only my business, no one else’s…

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Yes, and they can exist without being sociopaths. Like this guy here.

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Only psychopathic criminals and saints.

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Stalin and Hitler did pretty well at not caring what anyone else thought. They can’t be the only two in history.

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I’m like that. And I’m certainly not a sociopath.

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@flutherother I’m certainly not either of those as well.

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