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What fun collectible figures or statues do you have?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) January 13th, 2012

I’m getting this Aragorn as Strider statue from Sideshow for my birthday and I’m curious to know if any jelly out there owns some exciting statues or replicas from movies themselves. Thanks! : )

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I have this one.
It is the only figure I have right now, though.

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I have all of these Yellow Submarine McFarlane figures.

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I have a Tango Man from my childhood.

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I have an alabaster bust of Teddy Roosevelt and a Jesus action figure. Does that count?

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I’m a big fan of Buffy and I found a Darla action figure in its original packaging for a couple bucks at Good Will. I was pretty stoked about that. I also have a Van Helsing action figure with a tiny grappling hook. My favorite is a tiny Aragorn figurine that I use when I play Dungeons and Dragons. He used to have a sword, but it broke, so I armed him with a striped paperclip. :)

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@KatawaGrey This is so awesome! : )

@The_Idler That Tango Man is so cool! I just love orange!

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Oh yeah, they count. : )

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I have a Batman and Batwoman doll…

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I have a Chinese Foo Dog that stands on a basket in my hall, with Chinese Candles on both sides, to protect my house.

My mother bought a set of two, male and female, when she was in San Francisco China Town in the 1940’s. My sister took one, not realizing they were a set, and lost hers. Mine was broken when my youngest grandson accidentally dropped it last month.

I am now looking for a replacement pair, although they won’t be the same statues, they will remind me of them.

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“Pinky and the Brain” sit nicely on the bookshelves in the office/library…

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I have a bunch of horror movie figurines, and a lot of Michael Myers’ses. I have this big Myers figurine with a button on his back. It has motion censoring, so when you turn it on, it plays the Halloween theme song if someone walks close to it. Sounds like shit, but I love it lol. I also have some Jason Voorhees and Leatherfaces. I have a Chucky, too, but what I wouldn’t give for one that’s the same size as in the movies. I found a big one before, but it was from the last two movies, I want one from the first three.
I wish I had more, and I’d like to get more variety, but these things can get pretty expensive. :/ I once saw a figurine of zombified Flyboy from the original Dawn of the Dead but it was nearly seventy dollars. I really wanted it, but damn, man…

When I was a kid, the video store had this huge cardboard stand of Jason in a display window. They asked thirteen dollars for it. (hilarious) It literally stood there for years…nobody ever took it. I remember it being bleached by the sun, and the colors were fading away. If I was there NOW, I’d take that home in a heartbeat. It was awesome. But I never had thirteen dollars back then. I was always admiring it haha. Sorry. Gettin’ emotional. XD I also have a shitload of hard framed horror movie posters, too, if that counts.

Also I have some Final Fantasy VII figurines. Aerith, Tifa and Sephiroth. They’re pretty cool, but they’re small, and nothing artistic like some of the horror figurines I have. But they did give Tifa some panties. I always thought that was funny lol. Details. Lol.

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@Symbeline Now I feel like a sissy with my collection. Lol. I’m fascinated by this dude but too chickenshit to have it in the house. Hee hee.

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Oooh, Pinhead. I gotta give that series a full and attentive seethrough some time. :/ I saw em, but it’s been so long.

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