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I’d have to say, peacock, rainbow and emerald.
They’re all cool, but the first three seem a bit off with the colors. The color choices for them don’t match all so good, least personally. But the ones I mentioned seem to have it right down. Probably just a taste thing, but those ones work for me. The gold is cool too.

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I like the bronze one.

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Gotta go with Emerald. But 1K can buy a lot of other cooler things.

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black violet.

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Haha, thems not dragons, look more like My Lil Pony attempting to man up.
FWIW, the gold one is the least bad.

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I like Emerald, Gold, and Brown, in that order.
Lol @ucme

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Black violet peacock or emerald. Emerald Is beautiful, but always lean towards black and purple. My hair, wardrobe, car, and bedroom deco is proof.

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I like Emerald the best. But its not a thousand bucks worth of like :)

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@Buttonstc, agreed! I am curious why the all rainbow one is 200 more? If they are hand painted by brush could understand, but it doesn’t seem to be.

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Gold, and then black violet peacock. Dragons is dragons, not some fancy shmancy friendly pretty thing. They’re fierce!

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Gold is least bad, in my opinion.

(And I would look into the resale value before considering purchasing. On the local level, I’d guess about $3. Who knows about on-line.)

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not just resale value, but if you own it for 20 years, which one would be the most timeless?

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rainbow or black peacock

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They are insanely expensive and as @ucme said, look more like my lil pony than a dragon.

” She is unsigned, limited production!”
Generally, when something is unsigned it tends to be more along the lines of mass production.

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Exactly my point, @uberbatman. Couple of bucks at a yard sale = expectations for resale, in my opinion.

And “Limited Production” usually means until they can’t sell any more. Best is when they limit the production days, to say, 120. “Wow, these things will only be made for four months, and then never again!” Even at a relatively small run of 500 per day, that’s 60,000 to be sold.

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I like the brown best and it goes quite well with the purple. Are these things made out of solid gold? You would think so from the price.

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Thanks jellies-! I got the Rainbow one. LOL Nod and wink to @Symbeline and @creative1

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