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What is uncool today?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) January 14th, 2012

Examples, please. Preferably from your own life, if you dare.

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Kim Jong Il. It’s all about Kim Jong Eun now.

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What’s uncool?

Death Valley, the Sahara Desert, the surface of the sun…

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To me?
Jersey Shore.
Fight Club.
The music of today… D:
Most people my age.

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white canvas tennis shoes
smoking, I hope.
smashing beer cans against one’s forehead
Liz Claiborne anything
obviously vinyl purses
yellow teeth
bell bottoms
long, white wedding dress at your third wedding
a ring on eight fingers
going to a doctor for a simple cold lol

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Having so much gas that you look like you’re in your third trimester (when you’re only in your first).

Only fitting into two one pair of pants.

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Smoking cigarettes

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Car wheels with “spinners”.
Pleated men’s slacks.
Natural hair color.
Pointy squared toeboxes on shoes.
Fake Craftsman style furniture.
Emo “duckface”.

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Rick Perry, except for when he implied that “venture capitalism” was preferable to “vulture capitalism”. ;-p

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Possibly the wearing of pants that show off the wearers choice of underwear & require the wearer to hold his pants at the crotch in order to keep them from falling around his feet??

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Mullets. Dear God, you Georgia women why do you insist on torturing me with them?

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Me. By a mile.

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The fact that there is no food in the house and that I’m hungry and feeling not well so I can’t make anything for myself.
And the fact that there is still no bloody snow here in England in the middle of the supposed winter, in the month of January!!

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Well, I’ll tell ya one thing, the Earth! Nah, I’m kidding. Global warming is a myth.

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Wannabe “gangstas” and someone sagging their pants with the intention of looking cool.

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@HungryGuy Lol love your answer. :)

What’s uncool…cellphones with buttons. Serious.
As far as I’m concerned, I’d go and live in the eighties as a teen and not as a little kid, where everything was cool. Cool, all the time. So much shit sucks now lol.

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Cool, or trendy?

@Aster I love cheap purses! Hard to find one that does not look tacky, though, you are right.

If you’re talking about fashion, I’m sick of everyone’s winter uniform (North Face and Ugg boots). So not cool.

And frozen yogurt is, apparently, much cooler than ice cream. Especially if it’s self-serve, claims to be probiotic, and a teenage girl wearing thick-framed glasses weighs it at the cash register after you cover it in Oreo cookies.

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From my own life:

Heels with jeans.
Fake hair color and fake nails.
Eating out instead of cooking a home cooked meal for your family on most days.
Stench from strong perfume/cologne.
Buying cookie dough instead of making it yourself.
Lite beer.
Smoking at a playground.
Not holding the door open for someone two steps behind you.
Halloween costumes for pets.

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uncool is to be uncool =)

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A wire coming out of a wall and ending in a telephone.

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That I’ve got a history exam tomorrow… not cool.

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Supporting SOPA/PIPA is uncool today.

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That I’m suffering from sleep deprivation.

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