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Will the 2012 California Republican primary be "open" to individuals of all parties, or closed to Republicans only?

Asked by Kraigmo (7751points) January 14th, 2012

Last election, the Republicans in California allowed all parties to participate in the their primary. This is always a party decision, and most parties usually keep their primaries closed to party members only. This year, due to Ron Paul’s presence, I am predicting the Republicans would not want those of other parties participating, since it will help Dr. Paul. But I do not know for sure. Will the California 2012 Republican primary be open to all voters or just Republicans this year?

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It will only be open to republicans. If you are not registered as a republican and you want to switch so that you can vote in the primary, the deadline is May 21st.

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I thought that they had tables at the primary locations where you could change your registered primary right there and then…

Quicky, everyone change your party to R, and vote for Ron Paul!

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Sorry, your information is inaccurate. Under California Law, a political party has the option of allowing unaffiliated voters to vote in their primary. They do not have the option of allowing members of other parties to vote in their primary.

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Thanks @MrItty . I can’t see anything in the link to back up your statement, but it’s possible i’m missing something. But if you’re right, then its a good point to bring up, nevertheless.

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… you can’t see anything in the link? It’s the third question. Here, I’ll copy and paste it for you:

How are presidential primary elections conducted in California?

Qualified political parties in California may hold presidential primaries in one of two ways:

Closed presidential primary – only voters indicating a preference for a party may vote for that party’s presidential nominee.
Modified-closed presidential primary – the party also allows voters who did not state a party preference to vote for that party’s presidential nominee.
If a qualified political party chooses to hold a modified-closed presidential primary, the party must notify the California Secretary of State no later than the 135th day before Election Day.

The Democratic and American Independent parties notified the Secretary of State that they will allow voters who did not state a political party preference to vote the presidential ballot of their parties in the upcoming June 5, 2012, Presidential Primary Election. Their notifications can be found in CC/ROV Memorandum #12039.

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@sneezedisease was the first correct answer. And @MrItty did some research and found the definitive answer for this election year. This question is now resolved, and all future posts in this thread shall be social. Thanks all. And @mrrich724 , no they will not allow instant party changes on primary day. But I will register Republican to vote for Dr. Paul in that primary. Then if he loses, I’ll vote for Gary Johnson in the end. I’m in California, so I already know Obama has won the electoral votes here. My vote will be purely conscience votes.

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