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Those of you who have had your dog's teeth cleaned, around how much did you pay altogether (scaling/cleaning, and extractions and antibiotics, if they were needed)

Asked by Jude (32098points) January 16th, 2012

I received a quote here for around 500. Is that (roughly) the going rate?

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I think it was around $300 (US) the last time they did Zuppy, I’m not sure. Shop around a bit, or if you really like your vet, ask to itemize. If your dog is old am I remembering that right? it may cost more because of different anesthesia or monitoring or somesuch. I know my last dog was more expensive as he got older.

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Yes, I pay about $300. It’s the anesthesia that is the killer. If you have a very docile dog, they may be able to do it with a mild sedative that might make it cost less. Ask your vet.

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@Judi : Good point, especially since the dog is older and anesthesia is dicier…

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That’s a big concern, the anesthesia.

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$350 in Florida.

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Between $325.-$400.+ not including any antibiotics prescription.

My dog is 10yrs old so he now goes to a non-anethesia “dog whisperer” tooth cleaner for $150.00.

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I vet is having a special in February and the quote is $250, just for the cleaning part. There are several other items added on, including removal of a couple of tiny gum tumors and testing which brings the entire quote to around $600.

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It was $250 when I did it the last time about 5 years ago.

@Neizvestnaya What is this “dog whisperer” thing you speak of? My dog is now too old for the anesthesia as well and her teeth are very bad, but I just can’t get her to cooperate.

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@Ponderer983 I was referred a few years back to a lady who makes house calls to clean teeth, no anesthesia. She was able to put my dog on his back, completely still and calm in order to use both hand tools and dremmel tool without him squirmming.

For anyone with older pets, call groomers and vets to ask if they know of someone with similar talent with animals.

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