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Has someone ever invaded your privacy with a goal in mind to harass you?

Asked by raven860 (2171points) January 19th, 2012

Has anyone ever tried to harass you by invading your privacy?

It could be things like
1) Hacking your email account.
2) cyber-stalking you
3) stalking you in person perhaps

Please tell me about this incident…who it was and why did they do it and what happened in the end. Did you need to get law enforcement involved to resolve the issue?

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Just some crazy lady from here that opened a twitter account pretending to be me (she knew I didn’t use Twitter) so that wasn’t hard to convince people it was me. A few people found it and asked if it was me.

The Twitter account was removed after I bitched but she is still active here under a different name.

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@johnpowell Did she do it to impersonate you and say things that would cause you and your reputation harm? or she just said random things?

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The first. Just weird enough that people thought it feasible.

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I have had my photos stolen by strangers, who simply claimed them as their own, but I have also had someone pose as me and post pornographic material to the internet, under my name. I’m not sure if that counts, but it was pretty frustrating. I had a hard time getting it removed.

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I’ve got a cyber-stalker, a former member here who was banned for bad behavior. He made youtube videos about me – mentioning me by first and last name, stalks my personal blog, and sends me quite nasty emails every now and again. I ignore him completely.

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@augustlan Is he still up to that?

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@tedd Yep. 9 months later!

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Luckily nothing very malicious, just in grade school before I understood anything about password strength, a classmate guessed my instant messager password and said a bunch of stupid shit pretending to be me. It was upsetting to me at the time, I didn’t understand why someone would go out of their way to harass me like that.

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years ago I met a few people on holiday in Rhodes, I was about 16, I got on really well with a couple of the lads and swapped numbers (although we didnt end up staying in contact) One of the other guys who was also staying at the hotel got my number off some of the lads who I was closer to on holiday (even though he barely spoke to me when we were away) and began phoning me up to 30–40 times a day, every day. I didn’t know him and when I was back home I had a job and would not waste my credit in calling him back. I would pick up occasionally saying please stop calling me so much. But he would see that as I was in some kind of danger or something and would hound me more. It got to the point where he was sending about 30 text messages a day and about another further 30–40 missed calls. I completely ignored it all for about 3 weeks and then had a friend answer my phone for me a few times saying “stop calling my girlfriend”, This didnt stop him calling still and I ended up getting another number (I wanted a new phone on contract anyway). After that he had no other way of contacting me and didn’t know what town I was from or anything as I would never tell him anything so that was ok.
I never felt in any danger from the guy, He didnt know where I was so he would not be able to track me down (before the days of facebook).

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Only a creepy UPS guy that delivered a package to me the Xmas before last and loitered around flirting with me and then, returned hours later claiming he forgot to get a signature, which was not required in the first place.
Upon investigating with UPS I found out he lied to them about running late, telling his superiors he needed to return for a signature, when, in reality he was making a second attempt to deliver himself back to my door with the hope I’d invite him in for wild sex on my new beanbag loveseat. lol

Yep, temporary driver, permanent creep.

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@Coloma aww I don’t think thats that bad! He must have been thinking about you all day and he just fancied you. When you said no the 2nd time and he gave up I think that is fair.Give a guy a break, he may well had never come back to someones house before when he was working like that. Have you never gone a tiny but out of your way to try to get to know that person that caught your eye? If you then get turned down then fine but what if you had turned out to be perfect for each other. Fair play to him on taking that one chance. I would not call that stalking, I would call that being brave. If he then continued to come back to your house again and again (and I dont mean to deliver stuff) or tracked you down on facebook or something then thats creepy.

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I had a stalker when I was a freshman in college; he used to follow me around and wait for me after classes in buildings miles apart. After several months the campus police got him and warned him..

Decades later, I learned that my father had hired a private detective to scare the shit out of the guy, who was 35 to my 17.5.

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Yeah, but, he was way outta bounds, and I rejected him the first time, didn’t give him any come hither vibes, sooo, to return again was really inappropriate.
It felt really creepy to me, not to mention the guy was like 7 feet tall and about 300 lbs. The UPS killer. lol

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@augustlan You’ll have to fill me in some time. I checked back on his youtube some months back but found nothing posted at all (or everything taken down I guess). Thought we’d seen the end of him, lol.

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@Coloma I gotta agree with @bongo. That’s pretty tame… lol.

I have been accused of stalking several times, though there was no truth in it any of the times. I remember one time I met a friend of several friends of mine. I thought she was nice and rather pretty, so I talked with her to some level at the party we met at. This was during the early years of facebook, so the next day I friended her on that, said something to the effect of “hey whats up, we should chat sometime, what’s your aim account?” (that’s how far back this is, before facebook chat and whatnot). She gave it to me and over the next couple days we casually talked (no like crazy harassing constant iming). One day we were chatting and she left for a shower, and some 5–6 minutes later I noticed she was back on aim. So I cracked a joke “man that was the fastest shower ever” .. and she retorted “man, you are just the creepiest stalker ever”... I was totally taken aback. Pretty much never spoke to her again after that.

An x g/f once complained to her friends (some of them mutual friends of mine) that I was stalking her. The break up had been admittedly hard on me (more because I was in a rough patch of my life and the relationship was the biggest semblance of stability I had). I was ridiculously depressed at the time and would pine for her, but all in private. I didn’t do the harassing phone calls or following or anything like that. We would bump into each other occasionally (we had classes in the same building 3x a week), but we never spoke or anything. The best story, some 5–6 months after we’d broken up, my band was playing one of our first shows at a house party. I went through facebook and invited friends, meticulously trying not to leave out anyone I actually wanted to invite (I didn’t just select all). I figured enough time had passed that I should invite her (I was inviting a boatload of mutual friends anyways so why not?) Well she received the invite and rejected it, as in canceled the invite, not put that she wasn’t attending. So a week later I went through my friends again to make sure I’d invited everyone I wanted to, and because she didn’t put not attended and just canceled it.. her name was back up.. I thought, “weird, I thought I invited her?” and I reinvited her. Apparently this meant I was stalking her and she raved about it to several friends until one of our mutual friends (whom I’m still good friends with) finally called her out about how much of a retarded b*tch she was being.

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I have had worse than that. I had a guy knock on my door and profess to be an employee of the home security company that I have in my house – ADT. He had a clipboard and seemed to have on the right clothing. He said, “your alarm was installed in 2004?” That is when my house was built, but not when the alarm was put in. He should have known that. Then he said he wanted to talk to me about upgrading to a system that would still work if the phone wires were cut on the outside of the house. He said that I probably had the old system, but actually I do have the new system. I swear he was fishing for information as a precursor to robbing my house! I told him to come back after the holidays (this was before Christmas. Guess what – he has not returned! Scary!

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Maybe he’s the creepy UPS guy on the down low. lol
@tedd I agree, it’s not really stalking, per sey, but, trust me, I got creep vibes from the guy and I go with my intuition. ;-)

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@augustlan Well, let us know if we need to beat someone up or something. In order to help protect you I’m going to need your full name, facebook, and a picture of your whips.

Even when I’m joking it feels wrong. I can’t do it. Joke over.

I’ve never had a stalker or anything, but a few “women” have been extremely forcible and persistent. I liked it though, so I guess it doesn’t qualify.

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