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OK, Master web searchers. I am looking for an image and I am stuck. Can you help?

Asked by Judi (39850points) January 22nd, 2012

When I was young (back in the olden days) I was a Campfire Girl and achieved the award of WoHeLo medallion, which is the equivalent of an Eagle Scout. It was before gold prices went way us, and I had a solid gold medallion.
My first husband decided he would sell it behind my back. It had way more sentimental value to me than it was financially worth, but that’s another story.
I have a jeweler who has agreed to make me a duplicate if I can get a copy of the image. I have googled and tried my hardest but can’t seem to find one. Well, there was a very small one on google images but I could barely see it and couldn’t get it to print any bigger. I’m sure there are pictures out there, somewhere. Can you help me find them?
It’s not just the campfire symbol I am looking for, although that was in it, I’m looking for a picture of the medallion.

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So far I’ve only found this Small Image

Here is the original website from where the image came from. There is a contact e-mail address on the site. You can probably get them to send you a better photo, or give you some more info on where to find a better image, or maybe get one of the original handbooks that would probably have a picture of the medallion. It would be helpful to them if you gave them the year of the medallion too, because they’ve probably changed the designs slightly over the years.

Do you still have your handbook?

I’ll try to do some more reserach later tonight : )

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Try contacting the Campfire girls for Wohelo, they are looking for past recipients at this website.

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Did you look on eBay or other auction sites?

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You can get in touch with Wohelo alumni here. You may find someone who will be happy to help you. The only image I can find is this which I appreciate isn’t really what you are looking for.

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All I found was this.

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@Kardamom , your first link was answering the men’s wedding ring question I think. :-)
The second was the one that I found, but it is really hard to make a reproduction from that. I need a little more image detail. For some reason I remember it being much more defined.
@Tropical_Willie , I have contacted them before. They might be able to get me an image. When I contacted them before I just wanted to buy one, but I don’t think they make them in Gold anymore and I think the logo has changed. I could contact them again if they are looking for former recipients.
@flutherother , that might be it. I will sent it to a few friends ans see if it’s the same image. That has the detail that the jeweler would need.
@marinelife , that’s the image I already found as well. Thanks though. I appreciate all the help.

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Just an update. I got a hold of one of my HS friends and she took pictures for me of hers. It was way prettier than I remembered. She even took measurements and weighed it for me.

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@Judi I’m so glad your friend had one!

I’m still fuming that your first husband sold your sentimental medallion without even telling you!!! I hope he gets his comeupance! Grrrrrr.

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@Kardoamom, I have forgiven him. It was a volitae relationship which was compounded by mental illness which took his life at a young age.

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@Judi : Have you checked eBay or other sites like that? she asks again You may find one that might cost less than having one made.

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@JilltheTooth , occasionallly (about once a month) I check to no avail . It’s an award that takes up to 10 years to earn so people don’t part with it easy.

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@Judi What a shame, I’m so sorry. I’m glad you have made peace with him and the whole situation. I wish you luck with your new medallion. Please post a photo of it, once your jeweler makes the new piece.

P.S. What were the requirements to earn the badge? Maybe Fluther can add that to its list of awards. Obviously, we’d have to try a lot harder to earn this particular one. Maybe we can call it the Judi Jelly Award.

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It was similar to an Eagle scout. If they wanted to do a WoHeLo (Work, Health, Love) award here it would probably be for accumulating ALL the other possible awards. This is what it looks like

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