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What good are Tumblr followers if they only follow because you "follow back"?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) January 25th, 2012

Most jellies will recognize the all to familiar (and always modded) “follow me, I’ll follow back” questions. Every time I see one I really can’t help but wonder what good blog followers even are if they are not really following, but just hoping for a follower themselves. Seriously, does the follow me I’ll follow back crowd actually read the blogs they follow? So I ask, what good are followers if they aren’t really even followers? Is it just a numbers game, the more followers the better whether or not they actually read the blog?

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No good at all, of course, but somehow social interaction has been reduced to a numbers game. It’s the same reason some people friend everyone they possibly can on Facebook.

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I just have a visual of everyone going in circles, like dogs, sniffing each others butts while walking. Or tumbling.
Obviously I need to go to bed now.

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What good are Tumblr followers as actual followers? No good.

What good are Tumblr followers to allow a person to feel good about themselves by being able to brag about the number of followers? Enough good for enough people to be interested only in the number of followers they have.

Any time anything has any sort of number, score, or point system involved, there will be a group of people who use it as a source of quantitative proof that they are superior to their peers. The key here is the “quantitative,” because there can be no argument as to who has more friends. This makes the person feel superior without doubt.

Friendship is supposed to be about quality, but now that people can “measure” friendship, they tend to use that number as a source of bragging rights, due to its quantitative properties. By having a lot of friends, it can seem like that person has more influence/acceptance with the community, even though quantity really cannot measure that.

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On Tumblr, not very good at all. Reblogs, reblogs with commentary, and likes count far more. I’d imagine you have some bragging rights to your friends, assuming they never actually checked your Tumblr for actual post popularity. And the bigger blogs… numbers do count some. But you don’t really get to have thousands of tumblr followers without people actually reblogging. I think the people who keep asking for Tumblr followers are fairly new to Tumblr and don’t really understand it as a platform.

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I don’t get it, myself. I’d only want followers who actually cared about what I posted.

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Tumblr is sometimes like computer incest. Hipsters sticking it in the asses of other Hipsters mouths. I love tumblr.

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