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When we see him in the Republican primary debates, is Mitt Romney wearing Magic Underwear under his suit?

Asked by saint (3972points) January 25th, 2012

I know little about the Mormon religion.
But like a lot people, I have heard about Magic Underwear. Do you suppose he was wearing it in the last debate?

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I’m sure he was. It is called garment, btw. I always think of it in the same sense as Jews wearing a yarmulke, a Muslim wearing a taqiyah or a Christian wearing a crucifix.

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That must be it..

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A Mormon woman who wears it says that because she knows exactly what it’s like to wear it, she can always recognize the tiny telltale distortions of outline in a person’s clothing. I would imagine that a practicing Mormon ought to be able to tell us from observation.

Do any Christians other than Catholics wear crucifixes?

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@bkcunningham – Actually, a better analogy for Jews would be the tzitzit (or “fringed undergarment”) that most Orthodox Jewish men wear under their clothing.

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I’m sure he was. They wear the garments all day every day. And all night? I don’t know.
Marriott, owner of the hotels, is convinced he was saved from death by wearing his in a bad fire. He says he was burned above and below them but not burned where they were worn.

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Aww, @answerjill, thank you. You learn something new everyday.

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