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Is emotion or logic more important in humanity ?

Asked by EverRose11 (1026points) January 27th, 2012

I believe this question needs no explaining.

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In the most literal sense, “humanity” is the act of being human, and I’d therefore place emotion as the necessary ingredient. Logic is important, as we need to conduct our human affairs in intelligent ways, but our emotional ties to other beings set us apart.

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I don’t think the two can be seperated. They’re an interdependent duality.

Logic is the means that we would make wise decisions and evolve as a culture and in technology; However, emotions are integral to the functioning of society, without emotional connections and bonding humanity would not breed, nor would they band together into tribal units which would put us in danger of extinction because we are not designed to be solitary functioning animals.

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I would not want logic without emotion or emotion without logic. They are equally important.

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I think they’re equally important, but I do think we need a bit more logic than emotion.

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Definitely logic. Emotions are fickle creatures at best. Emotions are the part of us that give life richness when they are positive and cause us to withdraw when not. Without logic, however, life is going to be pretty chaotic. We would all need a big mop and gigantic wringer bucket to wipe up all our messes without keeping logic and all the wisdom we have on hand to help things go along as well as our part in it would make it possible.

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Neither, they need to be combined in order to be helpful.

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In general, our logic is subservient to our emotions. As the etymology of the word indicates, it’s our emotions that motivate us; they move us to action by establishing what we like and dislike, what we want for ourselves and others, what we value and what we find repulsive. We then apply logic according to achieve the mandates of our emotions.

Without logic, we’d function much like other animals who are guided largely by desire and aversion, but are pretty much incapable of conceiving and realizing an alternative way of life.

Without emotion, much could get done, but frankly, why?

humans are basically emotional beings who have learned to mobilize logic to satisfy our emotional needs.

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Logic is a method of understanding external reality. Emotion is internal and is not always a good indicator of the the facts of external reality. Human beings developed reason, and thus themethod of logic, long after they had emotions. The value of logic, is it frees you up from being a slave to emotions that can easily be misapplied.
Example. My dog loves human beings. The dog greats all human beings with some level of submissive behavior ranging from tail wagging all the way to a belly up roll over. And yet, I know at least one person who fears my dog. Their emotion is totally misplaced and objectively wrong. But it subordinates their logic. I would not trust such a person with anything important or valuable in my life, for fear they would make irrational emotional decisions and violate my trust.

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Logic is like a canoe crossing swirling ocean currents of emotion. The canoe would be useless without the water but it is more purposeful.

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Is a hammer or a saw more important to humanity?

Emotion and logic are both tools. We need them both. They do different things.

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I would have to say the answer is yes, but you have asked an either/or question. They are both of equal importance depending on the situation.

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Logic is more important, but both are necessary. Emotion comes naturally without effort (just look at an infant), whereas logic and reason take lots of hard work and tenacity to master.

The question is odd because they certainly aren’t mutually exclusive, and you’re going to be hard-pressed to find someone putting forth and intelligent argument that one of the two isn’t important. IMO it falls into the Gorilla vs. Shark category of questions.

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Logically, I have to say emotions are more important. But I don’t want to be wrong and hurt my ego.

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Logic should generally trump emotions for the most part. I can’t stand when someone tries to justify something in the face of logic by saying “I just feel that way.”

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There is no logic without emotion. At least for humans. Vulcans might be different.

Everything humans do logically or rationally is based on their emotions. Seriously. Check the science.

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Logic without emotion would make us no more than amoral machines. As humans we need to balance the two.

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