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Have you seen Chuck series finale ? What do you think about ?

Asked by bronetwork (13points) January 29th, 2012

Have you seen Chuck series finale ? What do you think about ?

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Don’t know it:)

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I can’t find any place to watch this last season online!! Why isn’t it on iTunes?????

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Will be trying to say this without spoilers, because there are people who haven’t seen it.

Awful. Worst finale since LOST, as both a giant letdown and in terms of writing/directing (so many plot holes, I really couldn’t suspend my disbelief that much). Wish I could go back and not see those last 2 episodes. It really made no sense with the direction they were going in the rest of the season, to undo all that work, and leave everything so ambiguous with Chuck, Sarah, and Casey. I know some people loved it, because now they can imagine things, but I don’t need the writers to end things in order to imagine, I watch the show to see things actually happen, and this was just a total cop-out on their part. The only 2 episodes of the series that I didn’t enjoy.

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Possibly my favourite show of all time. I wasn’t a big fan of how it ended though. I enjoyed the premise of the memory loss but by the end I just felt like they’d killed Sarah Walker. I’m sure she’ll eventually get her memory back but I wanted a wrap up scene, like a 10 years later cut with the house, the picket fence and little babies. In my perfect vision it would have cut to black just as she started to do her flash face.

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