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Does your reality ever wobble?

Asked by Soubresaut (11646points) February 2nd, 2012

I mean that in as many ways as you take it, I think.

For me, it’s moments where I’m walking to my next destination, and outside, I look up. Except it’s not up anymore, it’s just another orientation of my head, and below me isn’t down, it’s just the semi-arbitrary direction I’m being pushed by gravity. The blue’s an atmospheric curtain, and at night, depth is peeking through the distorting pollution just enough to sort of sense it. The enormous universe.

Or, recently, when I wake up in the mornings, lie there, everything feels bizarre, from a very long time ago or very far away. Then it’s like I’m slowly crawling back into my memories and thoughts as they recondense. I’m picking them back up, some heavy, and my life slides its way back into importance, ahead of other things more vague and vast.

It’s momentarily disorienting, not unpleasant and probably just me being silly.

Anyone else? Moments of dizzy reality?

I find them fun to think about…

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Seperating what’s real from what’s fake and ignoring certain hallucinations is a daily task for me.

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I will sometimes imagine what it would be like to shut off the gravity at work, and then try to view walking down the hall as a ‘vertical’ movement instead of a ‘horizontal’ one. Though in zero-gee there is neither vertical or horizontal in the conventional sense.

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I think I know what you’re talking about, but I’m afraid I’m at a loss for words for an explanation of what exactly it is that I feel… but yes. My reality does wobble.

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Only when I’m jonesin’.

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I think you’re experiencing what it’s like to be human.

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Happens to me especially after waking up from a very surreal dream that seemed real. I’ve had dreams that were so bizarre but seemed so real and then when I wake up, it’s almost unbelievable to me how that dream wasn’t real and “reality” doesn’t seem real for a little while.

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Yes, and it’s also upside down or detached sometimes!

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The human brain is the most powerful evolution of the cosmos. Within the brain, lies everyones reality. Since we cannot truly know how one is feeling, that becomes our own perceived reality. To be frank, we only imagine our whole lives.

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Yes, but not quite in the same way that you describe. More like a “stepping sideways” and being elsewhere.

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Sometimes I will become acutely aware of what, exactly, I am doing.

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Yes, I’ve had numerous experiences of a wobbly world while I was stone cold sober, too.

I had two experiences of completely losing the notion of where I was on the planet. It was quite disconcerting. It was fleeting, but nonetheless, weird.

I’ve also had quick glimpses of the “big” picture, meaning the entire universe exists somehow to teach us to release fear and accept love.

I also get a very wobbly feeling in my stomach whenever I read even the most elementary books on quantum physics. That stuff is wild.

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I think it’s called dissociation and depending on how often and severe these breaks in reality are is what might determine the “reality” of your mental health. lol
You could just call it a state of altered consciousness too, without the psychotic suggestion.
Hey, I am convinced there was an earthquake the other night, but I can find no record online of EQ’s that night in my area.
Either it was an earthquake or I was having a flashback to the 70’s. haha

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