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Modern etiquette: EBay, Paypal?

Asked by JaneraSolomon (1163points) February 2nd, 2012

When you win a bid on EBay and pay with Paypal, is it appropriate and expected these days to add chatty notes along with both? Like “Oh, I’m so glad to have won this popcorn popper, I’ve been looking for one forever!” and “Here’s your payment, X4Zoomgirll!”

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I’ve bought many items on eBay but only rarely added a personalized note to the vendor. I don’t believe it’s necessary. A simple “thank you” should suffice.

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I would no more do that on eBay than I would do it with a store clerk, which is to say that I wouldn’t.

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[eBay Store Owner Here]: If a customer is polite with me, I am polite back. I always give a free “gift” with purchase. If I get a nice “thank you!” I am more apt to add in a little something extra.

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Vendors should thank their customers. Customers should pay. That’s about it.

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There is no obligation to do anything but pay within the required time frame. If you need to contact them, you should be friendly and polite but apart from that, you don’t ever need to even speak to them.

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I sell and buy on there all the time and if I got a note like that I’d think they were mental. Just sayin’.

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