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definetly, that’s why i broke up with every girl so far, i need to have alone time, i also need together time, but i realy need my private time, with no interruptions

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I’m very much a hermit so I spend probably too much time alone for what may be considered healthy. Although I will go through about two week phases here and there where I spend almost no time alone and I do spend each evening on the phone for at least an hour.

I definitely sound like a loser hah

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Sometimes, and as much and as long as it takes.

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YES. Not a lot, at least half an hour to an hour, everyday. Whether it be getting ready for work alone, watching my fave show that I DVR’ed, or just napping… I go crazy without it. Its important to have alone time, especially when you are crazy busy like myself. Makes me feel rejuvenated.

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Yes, daily.
I’ve adjusted my routine so I have 20 mins of ‘get-ready-for-the-world’ time before my husband gets up. And ideally I like to have at least 1 evening per week alone. Keeps me sane.

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then again, if you’ve seen my room, you know why i need so much time alone by the way

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nice lichtenstein

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thanks, i don’t know a lot about art, but i sure do know what i like ;)

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that’s really all you need to know.

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i have this mattise replica too, mom bought it for me, reminds me of spongebob, haha, although that sounds kind of immature, it just looks realy nice, oh, i also have a poster depicting 49 star wars posters, even the “revenge of the jedi” one

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Need alone time for sure, that is why I tend to be a night owl. With a wife and 3 kids I certainly don’t get to be alone much during the day.

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Yes, yes, yes!

Recently, I was in the Bay Area closeted off-site with a client working on a document. After a day in which we were together from breakfast until late that evening, I was practically gibbering. The next day started out the same, but I begged off when he said we were going to dinner with some of his partners, telling him I was writing and was “in flow.”

When I wrapped the writing and went downstairs to the mediocre hotel restaurant with only an elderly couple, a lone businessman, and my book for company in the whole place, the silence seemed absolutely blessed. The next day I said, “I don’t spend that many hours in a day with my husband, and I love him.”

Fortunately, he laughed.

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yes I need alone time and as much as I can get. I hate when people assume you don’t want to be alone so they just wont leave you alone.

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definatly I go through hermit phases where I just enjoy being alone

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My down time consists of my Monday night yoga class. It is an hour and a half away from my normal life that helps me relax. It releases all tension and allows my body to have some recovery. And your body needs that, it is constantly being beat down. Everyone should take some sort of time out of their week, or anytime that they can to do their body and mind good. Other wise your body is just going to break down.

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I like to be alone, my mind free to wander where it desires, unfettered by social niceties and idle chatter. I enjoy being alone in a crowd quite a bit too.

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Everyday… 30 min to a couple of hours

Sometimes I hike

Sometimes I take a long walk with the dogs…

Sometimes I stare at the iTunes visualizer

Sometimes I’ll go see a movie by myself…

In our society time is highly valuable. I think it’s important to allot time for oneself in order to be centered and able to give to others.

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I’m not sure I need it, but I certainly enjoy it. The nights my wife works I usually just tune out after the kids are in bed. I might watch a movie or play a couple of hours of WoW. Yes. Part of my alone time is total escapism.

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I love my alone time. I get cranky when I don’t have enough. It’s when I can tune out all the noise of the outside world and relax.

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Yes, about 20 – 24 hours a day. Dutch Masters and Documentaries tend to make more polite company.

Plus, being around other embodied units of the singular consciousness can trick you into focusing on the bodies and not the consciousness.

Not to mention, its people that want to collect some imaginary fee because the moon went up and down 30 times. Its people who put you in boxes for how you look, feel, act, think, and its people who try to get you to cook them a steak while only offering you the gristle.

The fewer people I know/see, the easier my life is.

I’ve spent so much time alone in the past few years, I can’t even think straight when other people are in the room.

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Solitude. It becomes more valuable the older you get.

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