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How to save a thread or a topic discussion of a forum?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) February 5th, 2012

How to save a page or a thread, a topic or a full discussion from a forum in a pdf file or pictures etc.?

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For the tech challenged: that would be me I just copy/paste to my Notebook on the computer. Not at all efficient, but it gets the job done until someone comes along with a much better idea. Which should be in about a minute.

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I just save fluther threads in a bookmark folder labeled ‘fluther faves’ in firefox.

Save web documents, pages, forums, etc as PDFs by selecting “print” and then selecting “print to PDF” —or you can just copy and paste in Word or Open Office.

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you can take “screen shots”

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You can save a whole HTML page by going up to File > Save Page As and giving it a name and location. It will save a file with .htm extension and also a folder called by the same name plus ‘_files’, which is where all the graphics are stored. You can then reopen that whole page using your browser’s File > Open File function and see it just as it appeared here.

If you ever want to move it somewhere else, you have to move both the .htm file and the associated folder, or else the page will open with empty boxes in place of all the images.

You can also copy and paste the thread content itself into a Word document, and the images you copy will ride along.

(I don’t like to use the bookmark option because if any responses get modded or deleted, they will disappear. If I save the page as is, I’ve got ‘em.)

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@auhsojsa screenshots only save the part of the forum etc that is visible on screen at the time, not the whole thing. That and the fact that the text is rasterized limits the usefulness of this method.

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